Cuba: Who is the leader who has taken power from Castro?

_100950962_5444d7ac-fdaf-428e-8c3e-dd608ec16557.jpgCuban leader Raúl Castro has quit power after 12 years and now the country’s command is in the hands of Miguel Diaz Kanel.

Raul took power in 2006 after the illness of his brother Phaleed Castro. Now Raúl Castro has also stepped down. This is the end of the Castro era in Cuba, which began after the withdrawal of Fulgencio Batista in 1959 after assuming the power of Fidel Castro.

Until the Cuban Vice-President in 2013, Miguel Diaz Kennel was not much known. But since then he had become the right hand of Raúl Castro.

For the past five years, he was being prepared to take charge of the country’s president. But even before becoming the country’s first vice-president, Miguel Diaz Kanel had a long history of politics.

He was born in April 1960. Fidel Castro became Prime Minister of the country just a year ago.

Miguel Diaz Kennel to be Cuban’s new President

Cuban motorcycle trip with Che Guevara’s son

In the days of Kanal College, who studied electrical engineering, Santa Clara had joined the Young Communist League and became active in politics.

The last battle of the Cuban revolution was only in Santa Clara, and in this city there is still the tomb of Che Guevara.
It is said that Miguel Diaz Kennel is more available to the common people than the Castro brothers.
Vice President in 2013
He also played a key role in the communist party in his native province Vila Clara. It is said that in his time, the Villa Clara’s provincial government was more independent than other areas of the country.

According to locals, the rock concerts that were held in other areas of Cuba were held here. Since 1985, the Santa Clara city is also known for one of the most popular LGBT clubs in Cuba.

The owner of this club says that the club does not survive if it does not support Diaz Canal.

Every ‘different person’ in this club was welcomed at such times when there was no such freedom in other areas of Communist Cuba.

Diaz was doing a good job at the provincial level but he had to wait ten more years to join the Communist Party’s Politburo.

He was elected the country’s Higher Education Minister in 2009 and eventually became the first Vice President of the country in the year 2013.
It is believed that Raul Castro will have a profound impact on Cuban power by 2021
Hands remain tied?
He was behind President Raul Castro who was praising his ideological strength and rapid progress.

When Raúl Castro made him his number two leader, he had said that he had said about Diaz that his emissions were not sudden. It was like praise for Diaz in that party in which the effect was of those people who fought with Fidel Castro in the revolution.

But even though Diaz Kanal was being prepared to take over the presidency for five years, it is difficult to say even today that where he stands on important issues.

Analysts believe that even though they want to change things, their hands will remain tied because it is believed that after leaving Raoul Castro’s presidency, there will still be a major impact on the country’s power.

Raúl Castro will continue to be the head of the Communist Party by 2021 and may not give full freedom to Diaz Canal, when he is not convinced of the fact that the Cuban brothers who created the Castro’s command are in the right hands.

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