Ask in a train to become a sex worker, what should you do?


You are traveling in the train Did you meet someone who would talk to you a little while, but only after some time he would put you in front of a sex worker? Is this a new way of human trafficking?

17-year-old Sarah Haidarizky Imani in Indonesia was standing on one side while traveling in Tangrang Train. Then a happy man traveling around came to him and he started talking.

The beginning of the conversation was very normal. For example, where are you going? After this the questions got increasing … he asked where were you? The scope of questions became personal

Sara explains, “I was feeling very uncomfortable with the way he was standing and talking to me. At the same time, the suspicions of all of these were also being born. ”

Sara has also told ways to avoid this on the basis of her experience relating to human trafficking. Sara’s story was uploaded on social media from where it uploaded to Twitter and became viral. So far, it has been shared more than 7000 times.

Sara shared some tips to avoid the experience and human trafficking.

Sara says that if someone was trying to know you by asking an unknown question, first of all, take care of the fact that the information you are giving to him is not true.

She says that it does not have the advantage of being very honest and it is not necessary that you always speak the truth.

“It’s not always necessary to speak the truth. Especially when the face of the front is not understood, it is not certain that you say the truth. ”

The person asked many personal questions from Sarah but Sarah did not give the correct answer to any question. Sarah did not share any of her information with her. After that, the person offered to offer all things to Bali in Bali. Sarah humbly said to her that she does not want to go to Bali because she was there only a while ago.

After some time, the man asked Sarah for his mobile number.
The person told Sarah that he knows a man who helps the needy. Gives good money in exchange for work.

On this, Sarah asked her, ‘What is the work done?’ That man told him to have a physical relationship with male customers.

Sara explains, ‘I was scolding in front of him but inside was scared. I had heard many times about human trafficking, but this time it was all happening with me. ‘

The man tried to tempt Sarah with all kinds of temptations, but after Sara’s strictness, she got down to the next station.

Human trafficking
Riska Dwy, head of the Protection Division of Solidaritas Peremapuan, says that the way Sarah did it is not new.

‘Some are deliberate, they come on some violence, some people are celebrated for it at home and sometimes they try to persuade them in public places too.’

According to a report from the Ministry of External Affairs in 2017, Indonesia is the stronghold of human trafficking. It is believed that there are approximately two and a half million employees in Indonesia who have no government pigments and they are forced to work out slavery somewhere and to become sex slaves.
According to RISKA, most of the classes are involved in this, who do not know what human trafficking is? Such people are often tried to trap entrapment of good earnings.

But the purpose of human trafficking is not limited to making women a sex worker. Many times they are also sold and bought for domestic chores.

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According to Riska, it is most important not to believe the strangers. No matter how good it is No matter how much greed

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