Anger across the country, people on the streets, on the Kathua and Unnao Rape incidents

_100887988_img_0463.jpgProtests were organized in many parts of the country on Sunday in the Kathua and Unnao rape incidents. People protested against the ‘No in Me My Name’ in protest against the Parliament Street in Delhi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also broke his silence and said these incidents were shameful and said that on Friday India Government would not allow any punishment for the guilty. Although despite the promises made by the Prime Minister, people involved in these demonstrations expressed anger towards the central government.

‘Intrigue will not succeed’
A woman Kamla, who reached Delhi to attend the protest, repeated the questions raised against the Center’s BJP government in these two cases.

They said, “Our law relies on police and evidence, to what extent you can go to the name of religion, we are seeing this. By dividing the country on the basis of religion and caste, we want to win the 2019 election, You see … you are watching … look in UP, look in Kashmir, they want to make a Hindu nation, but we do not want it. If it were, then in 1947, India would become a Hindu nation, but here different languages , People of religion, caste and people are moving ahead together. We want to say that in the name of religion the people are being conspired to fight the people, but they will not do it. ”

Third Gender included in the show

Dignity bhardwaj
Counsel Garima Bharadwaj, who was involved in this demonstration, questioned the bar council’s silence, saying, “The incident of Kathua in Unnao is condemnable. We have gathered here so that the culprits get severe punishment.

In this demonstration, in the case of Kathua and Unnao rap, the guilty will be punished severely, women, men, the elderly and the children also joined the Third Gender.

When wanted to know about the involvement of people in the exhibition, a student preparing for the Civil Services included in it said, “Our constitutional rights have remained intact and should not be treated uncommon with anyone. To be treated equally with religion, as a citizen of a conscious society, we have to come forward and fight it. People of every community should be safe in this country, that is ours The Wahis. ”

In this demonstration demand was made to provide security to the families of Bakarwal society in Jammu. Also the demand for legal aid from the government was also sought for the victim’s family.
Lawyer Talib Hussain
In the Kathua case, the victim’s advocate Talib Hussain said that Hindu Unity Forum is not only the BJP but also the people of Congress. At the same time, he also alleged that there is a conspiracy to remove the nomadic Muslims in the name of the foreigners being expelled from Jammu and Kashmir.

In protest against these incidents, people in the Sector-17 of Chandigarh also landed on the streets.

Navjeet Kaur, who was present in this exhibition, said, “Women and children are not safe in our society and I am sad that the thinking of the people of the society is not so strong that they can make a fair decision.”

Tara, who is studying in ninth grade, says, “My mother has brought me here, I think everyone should raise their voice because such incidents like Kathua rape can happen anywhere in the country.”

At the same time, psychologist Harsimrat Kaur says that the daily torture on women is on the rise and girls are not safe. With this demonstration, we want to send this message that we have to end Rape Culture in this country.

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