700-year-old sick tree in Telangana climbs to ‘drip’


In the Telangana state of South India, there is a 700-year-old banyan tree which is a special type of drip bottles.

These bottles have a special pesticide which is to keep the insects away. This tree is spread over three acres and it is believed that it is the second largest tree in the world.

Trying to save from beetles
This is a popular tourist spot and officials are trying to save this tree from the beetles.

Roots have also been bundled with pipes so that the infection is prevented from spreading.

Government official Panduranga Rao told the BBC, “We have arranged a cement plate arrangement around branches so that the tree can be stopped from falling.”
Tree is strongly affected by termites
He further said that fertilizer and fertilizers are also being provided.

Another employee from the local media said, “We thought that the salted drip can help if the pesticides mixed in water in the affected areas are dripped.”

In December last year, the administration saw that the tree’s branches were being broken, due to which they had to restrict tourists in the area.

Forest officials told the local media that the tree has been severely hit by termites. He further said that many tourists used to use the tree’s flag for the swing which turned them around.


Bridges of trees in Meghalaya
Indian Banyan trees are known for their rapid growth and strong roots. They grow so fast that their roots fall from the branches so that the tree can get extra support

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