40-year-old brothers meets from Kindness of U-Tube


We had lost all hopes. There was no hope that we would see them alive. ‘

A man disappeared 40 years ago. There was no hope that he would ever get it but due to a viral video on the tube, the broken family got back once more.

Khomamram Gambhir Singh disappeared from Manipur in 1978. At that time his age was only 26 years. His family never knew anything about them.

But just a few days ago, the family of Singh saw a video on YouTube. The video was from Mumbai, in which a person was singing Hindi songs on the road.

Ghumad’s brother Khomadram Kulchandra told the English newspaper The Hindu: “I did not believe in my eyes when my nephew showed me the video on the tube.”

A person named Firoz Shakir shared this video of the serious on social media. Shakir is a resident of Mumbai. So the villagers thought that there would be serious Gambhir too in Mumbai. This video was recorded in October.

Shakir told the news agency APP that he used to sing old Hindi songs on the streets to raise his stomach.

Mumbai Police also played an important role in meeting Gambhir with his family.

Imphal police sent a photograph of the serious Mumbai Police. The picture and video of the serious uploaded on social media was known to the area around Bandra. Then with the help of Shakir, their investigation started.


Mumbai Police

The happiness of Khomdram Singh, his family & friends is our reward We are honored to bring them together! Our best wishes to them

7:07 pm – April 19, 2018
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Were unhappy after marriage
Imperator Pandit Thakre told the BBC that “we found him outside the railway station. Their condition was very bad. They were not in the right position at all. ”

Gambhir told the police that he was a former soldier who left his house in 1978. He also told that after few months of marriage he left the house because he was not happy in his married life.


Firoze Shakir
Do not stop
Thorns will be found in the shade of Bahar
O Rahi, O Rahi # FindGambhir # missing40 years #manipur #imphal #kumbong #youtube video # firozeshakir

12:03 pm – April 19, 2018
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Post twitter finish @firozeshakir
After coming from Manipur, they started living in Mumbai. Wherever he ever asked for begging, then he got his belly after wages.

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Thackeray explains that when he managed to find the serious, he called his family and talked about his seriousness to his younger brother.

The Mumbai Police has also shared the pictures of this visit on their Twitter handle.


Firoze Shakir
https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155646920203380&id=580753379 … # FindGambhir # Manipur #Imphal #Kumbong

5:20 pm – April 19, 2018
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Shakir posted photos of Gambhir on Twitter while going to Mumbai and reaching Imphal.

According to the Times of India news, the families of Gambhir have done a lot of preparations for their stay.

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