Virender Sehwag rescues IPL by choosing me: Gayle

_100951417_e2b3c639-8801-44a4-8373-11fd971c8364.jpgVirender Sehwag chose me and saved the IPL. ”

In the statement made by explosive batsman Chris Gayle after the match against Sunrisers Hyderabad in Mohali on Thursday, if anyone saw him as a guilt, he probably would not have played this Caribbean batsman.

Three hours before pumping the prize of Man of the Match, his bat was in the field of Mohali and the bowlers were looking for a place to hide.

Chris Gayle scored an unbeaten 104 with 63 balls and 11 sixes and one four, and Kings XI Punjab stunned the chariot of Sunrisers Hyderabad on their innings.

This is the first century of any batsman in IPL 2014.

Gayle did not make any mention of Sehwag. Even after being the youngest batsman in Twenty20, Chris Gayle was not a buyer in the IPL 2018.

Even after having scored the highest number of runs and the highest number of records in the 13-year-long Twenty20 series, Chris Gayle did not get any excitement in the auction.

Kings XI Punjab later added them to the base price of two crore. Sehwag is the mentor of Kings XI Punjab.

This happened in the IPL on the auction of Gayle

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Matter to be done with hero
Gayle also said, referring to Sehwag, “Veeru said in an interview that if Chris wins two games for you then the money is collected.”

Gayle, who was selected Man of the Match in the second match, said, “Now I have to talk to Viru again.”

Through this Century, Chris Gayle has reached number of his century in Twenty20. The names of the three batsmen at number two are only seven hundred. In such a situation, there is information about Gayle and the gap between them.

Gayle’s name in the IPL has been recorded six centuries.

On the question of whether 38-year-old Gayle is more enthusiastic about proving himself in the IPL’s current season, he says, “I am always committed.” People say that if Chris is not chosen at the beginning, then he will be with the new team. There will be a lot to prove, but choosing a Man of the Match in two successive matches is a good start. ”
Will party with daughter
Sehwag, who is scared of all the world’s bowlers in a round, also appears to agree with Gayle’s words. On Twitter he repeated the statement of Gayle.

At the same time, Gail goes beyond all expectations of expectations and says, “I have not proved anything here. I have already done everything.”

Their agenda is scheduled for Friday. They want to celebrate the victory with their daughter’s birthday party. He is getting two years old on Friday

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