Why is Rajkumar Rao Seems ‘jihad’ sacred?

_100892255_omerta-2ndposterRajkumar, who made his mark in the movie industry from his acting, says that the definition of jihad is very sacred in “Quraan-e-Pak”, but people have broken it by convenience.

In a conversation , Rajkumar Rao said, “Jihad is holy in Quraan-e-Pak, which does not speak of violence, although now according to convenience, a new definition has been given so that people can be brainwashed.

Rajkumar Rao is playing the character of Kukha militant Ahmad Omar Saeed Sheikh in his forthcoming film “Omarta”. To see the character of the film, he saw many documentaries and heard hate speech.

Then the prince realized that how the youths hate the simple mind of the young. Rajkumar Rao believes that some people take advantage of this and do wrong things.

Rajkumar said, “What is happening in Syria is a very disturbing incident, that was happening in Bosnia in 1993-1994, which was very tragic and unfortunate. It’s happening nearby. ”
Not a movie on any sect?
Rajkumar says that the movie “Omarta” is a mirror of the wrong things happening in the world. It has been said that an intelligent boy could make good changes in the world, but he chose such a dangerous path that became a horror terrorist.

However, Rajkumar Rao cleared that this movie was not on any sect.

He says, “We never thought that we are telling the story of a Muslim boy becoming a terrorist, we are not stressing on his religion, but he is talking about his mood, circumstance and his reaction. It was not about any community. ”
Rajkumar Rao, who was successful with films such as Shahid, Newton, Bareilly, was often associated with independent films. Although Rajkumar says that there is no tag with him anymore.

This year, along with Rajkumar Rao Kangana Ranaut, “Mintle Ki Ki” along with the film “Funne Khan” will also be seen in Anil Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

The film “Omarta”, directed by Hansal Mehta, will be released on April 20. Although the film’s world premiere was at the Toronto International Film Festival. Where the film received mixed feedback.

Who is the extremist who is coming to the screen, Rajkumar Rao?

Omarta … what is its mean?
This is a code of dignity and respect.

‘Omeleta’ is the Italian word. It is used for people involved in criminal activities.

This is the code to be faithful to each other. It is promised that they will not tell the police about each other’s crime

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