Why are these Hanuman so angry?

_100831783_capture.jpgGenerally, people do not have the audacity to change the colors of God; a few months ago, the mood of Hanuman ji has been changed and it is being discussed fairly.

These changes have been quite a hit, but many people do not like this form of Ramabhakt Hanuman, they think that this is exactly opposite to the unobtrusive image described in Hanuman ji’s scriptures.

In many parts of the country Hanuman ji has a rudder-shaped sticker on the back of the trains. People are liking the aggressive version of Hanuman, showing the spirit of Ram’s service.
Are you trying to give a message through this rudra form of Hanuman ji? Especially in the era of fierce Hindutva politics.

What was the need of this change?
Kerala’s famous painter Ravi Verma gave Hindu deities to human form. On the basis of the stories, he created such a form that the common people can feel themselves connected with the Goddesses.

Most of us have seen Hanuman as God, who took up the mountain and joined hands in the Ram-Darbar, then what was the need to fabricate Hanuman, who was wearing open hair and black cloth with his eyes?

It is a coincidence that the artists who give a new look to Hanuman are also of Kerala. His name is Karan Acharya, he says, “I had made such a thing when it was made, I did not even know that it would be so popular.”

Karan is a believer and he has deep reverence in Lord Hanuman, recites Hanuman Chalisa every day.
Karan says, “I had made this poster almost three years ago. It was made like this, for your friends. They needed something different I chose Hanuman. ”

However, Karan says that “I have not shown Hanuman aggressive or angry, but it has an Atyutude”.

Now how is it that their stickers are being liked so much across the country?
In response to this question, Karan says, “It is not so new now, but at the beginning, when some of my friends called up and told me that they liked it when I looked at Hanuman car made by me”.

Referring to a funny story, Karan says, “Once my brother went to make a scooter, the shopkeeper said after repairs, that a new sticker has come, put it. This was the sticker I had made.”

The sticker, which has been distributed across the country by the friend’s social wall, has also been used for political purposes on many occasions.

Karan says on this, “I do not know who is using it, I am the most distant of all. Artists, I make something everyday”.

But why god?

Apart from Hanuman, Karan has also done many experiments with Kali and Shiva. The most refreshing, the smallest form of black

So what do they want to prove by making something different from God’s definitive forms?

Karan says, ‘I do not want to prove anything to anyone. I just want to keep making some or nothing. The more practicable the practitioner, the lesser the work will be. Yes, but I want to make something new. For instance, people have seen the radical form of Kali till today, but they did not see their hair, then I made Nandi Kali. ‘
Did anyone object to changing the nature of God, Karan says, “No, it never happened, neither at home nor outside. People just got excited”.

But why are people like it so much?

Ankit Pandey, 27, who runs Karan’s sticker on his car, says, “Ram is a devotee.” In this connection, Hanuman Bhaijaan is his brother, the safety of his brother is his responsibility.
Pramod recently bought a compact car. Behind the car there is a black version of ‘Attitude with Hanuman’. He says, “Do not deliberately put garuas, otherwise people would think of saffron.One party and organization become enemies, so the enemies are created, so black is beautiful, just because there is no other reason.”

Sujit, who runs the hail in Delhi-NCR, says that as Hanuman was riding on the chariot of Arjuna in the war of Mahabharata, it is my chariot and Hanuman rides on it and points the direction.

But does the angry Hanuman do not look weird? On this he says that “anger should be in today’s time, otherwise no one will run out, this Hanuman will consume a bad eye.”
Dharamvir has a WagonR. He says, “Brahmins are also from birth and from karma. Brahmin will not post a poster of Hanuman, then who will apply it?”

There are many versions of Hanuman with Attitutes in the market. From 10 rupees to a sticker to thousand. These stickers present in black and gray colors will be sold at every crossroads but the question still remains that in a society where people appear ready to be hurt, there is such a big change in the form of a god, but no one Nothing says So should it be considered the achievement of the artist

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