What is the punishment of rape with the girls in the world?

_100925772_gettyimages-537440053.jpgSurat, Kathua, Unnao, Delhi – The days, dates and places are different.

But, everywhere there is a rape with a young girl.

Every event was more painful and vicious than the previous incident.

Therefore, the demand for punishment for the rape of girl child in India is getting faster. There are ideas divided in support and opposition to hanging demand.

Some argue that there is a reduction in crime and someone already tells the existing laws enough.

In such a situation, in what country is the punishment for rape from children?
What is the law in India?

If you talk about India then you can be hanged only in the case of ‘Rarest of the rare’ case.

Rape cases with children are filed under the Poxo Act. This law provides for the punishment of rape convicts ranging from 10 years to life till prison term.

However, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana Government has prepared a bill to give death sentence to girls in their respective states in the case of rape with rape, and it is preparing to make a law on it.
The Delhi Women’s Commission Chairman is sitting on fast for passing a similar law in Delhi. He is going one step further and is demanding the execution of the rapists within 6 months.

The Central Women and Child Development Ministry is also talking about a change in the Poxo Act at the national level, keeping in mind the new Bill of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana.

Punishment on the rape in the world?
There is a law of varying punishment for rape throughout the world. In many countries sexual exploitation with children is considered to be a major crime.

Research associate Nitika Vishwanath, researching at National Law University, Delhi, tells that there are two types of countries in the world. One where there is a provision for death penalty but not for rape with children. Secondly, there is no provision of death penalty for any crime.
Death penalty countries

According to the Nitiika, countries where there is a provision of death penalty for crimes are called a retentionist country.

According to him, there are no provision for execution of rape for children in such retentionist countries. However, here a strict punishment has been imposed on children for sexual violence.

In 2016, Haq-Center for Child Rights had prepared a report on the provision of punishment for sexual violence and rape with girls in countries around the world. According to that report, rape is punished separately on children in every country.
Malaysia – There is a provision of 30 years prison sentence and maximum punishment for sexual violence with children.

Singapore – In this country, the offender can be given a 20-year jail, whipping and fined for raping a 14-year-old child.
USA – There was a provision of death penalty for rape with children first. However, in the case of Kennedy v. Louisiana (2008) the death sentence was declared unconstitutional. The court said that to give death sentence in the case where there is no death, it is not uncommon that the punishment is much larger than the crime. Therefore, there is no punishment for death in those states now.

However, according to the states in the case of rape with children in the US, the provisions are also different.

Country- where there is no death sentence

The philippines
Philippines – In countries where there is no death penalty, the most stringent law on rape with children is in the Philippines. If proven to be raped with the children here, the culprit can be sentenced to 40 years without parole.
Australia – The rapist of children can be jailed from 15 years to 25 years.
Canada – With rape, children can be sentenced to a maximum of 14 years.

England and Wales – There is a provision of punishment for rape from children ranging from 6 years to 19 years to life imprisonment.
After the rape of children in Germany, life imprisonment is a death sentence. But, the maximum sentence of 10 years has been fixed only for rape.
South Africa
For the first time, if convicted of rap in South Africa, there is a provision of 15 years in jail. For the second time conviction, there is a 20 year imprisonment and a third time imprisonment of 25 years.

In New Zealand, the punishment for such crimes is up to 20 years.

According to a 2013 report by Amnesty International, there are provisions for execution of death penalty for child victims in eight countries in the world. These countries are China, Nigeria, Congo, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Sudan.

Bharti Ali, co-director of ‘Haq’, says, “Most of the world is banning the hanging of the country and we are going to be backward. Those who advocate for execution of rape in the case of girls should think that rap If hanged, every culprit can kill a child after the rape, we need to pay attention to this argument. ”

(Note: Definition of minor and rap in each country is also different.)

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