viewpoint: “Narendra Modi hails for hours, in the end, he tells himself as a minor

_100935535_dbfq4xwvqaem1nq.jpgPrime Minister Narendra Modi is the showman of Kamal. In the Central Hall of Westminster, London, UK, he presented the amazing account of “India’s talk, with everyone” for two hours and 20 minutes in the program. It seemed that the entire program was scripted.

Everything in the show, where to come, what will be the question, what would be the question, what answer would he have already seemed to be fixed. Any sensible person could guess it.

His interview was being taken by the lyricist Prasoon Joshi. He also played the role of amazing Ask questions like that Prime Minister Modi becomes giddy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented his report card in the show. There were many things mentioned in it. Especially he said some things about Pakistan that might have first heard us.
His point was to get a glimpse of election preparations. He also mentioned the Lingayat philosopher Basavanna of Karnataka. He also went to his statue. Elections are going to be held in Karnataka in the coming times.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks like a match man, as in the films Salman Khan talks abruptly.

During the show, he felt like many things like what he did amazing work. On the one hand, critics say that India has never been as weak as it has ever happened before Pakistan.

Terrorism has increased in the country, violence in Kashmir has also increased. Many such incidents occurred before and after the alleged surgical strike. But Narendra Modi presented his point of view as Pakistan had kneeled in front of India.
Prime Minister to tell his every work unique
He also broke his silence on the events of the rape in the country, but after how long later Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweets immediately on small things but he did not say anything for many days on the incidents of shocking the country.

The interesting thing is that Narendra Modi explains every work done in the first job. He had a lot of publicity on the trip to Arabia and Israel.

They say things effectively with better fluctuation. He is also very critical of them, he is sure to listen to his words.

Hardly any such Prime Minister would have praised himself and told every work to be unique. All the questions in the London show were in his praise.

The people who were questioning seemed to have already decided. Everybody was raising them while they were performing outside them.
‘Take their name hundreds of times’
During the entire program, his image was produced. It is a big surprise that those hours talk about themselves.

It is also shocking that they talk about placing themselves in third person. Take the name of yourself hundreds of times. Build a bridge in his praise and in the end it says that he is a modest person, a tea man, and his ideas are fakir.

The question arises that if they are a minor person then how do they sing their praises?

Modi’s reply, story of surgical strike
“Conspiracy to fight the people of the country in the name of religion”
Commonwealth meeting in Britain: What will bring Modi from London?
Image copywrite images
As much as their supporters were present during the program, they were even more opposed to him. Opponents included women too. He also performed peaceful protest against the events of the rape.

However, during this time slogans of Narendra Modi “Shem Shame” were also installed.

Rashmi Verma, who taught at the University of Warrick in this protest, told the BBC, “I have come here because Narendra Modi is the prime minister as the prime minister, the violence against women, Dalits and minorities living in his prime minister. I have come to protest. ”

A lady left in support of Modi said to the BBC, “We have come to support Modi, they are taking our country forward. Congress or any other party did not do much as much Modi is doing and quietly There are so many people out there in support, even in foreign countries, this is amazing. ”

They choose the land of London to speak on heinous incidents like rape in the country. He also says that whatever he has done about development in the country has done, nothing happened before that.

They claim to make an image of the country abroad, but the truth is that the country’s image is deteriorating with such things.

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