This was the end of the 21st Commonwealth Games.

The concluding ceremony of the 21st Commonwealth Games concludes in Australia’s Gold Coast city on Sunday.

The 21st Commonwealth Games concludes with a grand and colorful program in Australia’s Gold Coast city. There is something like this on Sunday night inside the Carara Stadium.

The Caraara Stadium was full of joy in the joy of having a successful completion of the Commonwealth Games.

Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt jumped with Australian musician Anthony Salia.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the players of the Commonwealth Games participated in the march with the flag of their own country.

In the Commonwealth Games, India also played a good game. Indian athletes have won 26 medals, 26 silver, and 20 bronze medals, with 66 medals being displayed. In medal tally, India remained third, with 198 medals, host Australia stood first and England finished second with 136 medals. Indian athletes with Tricolor look out at the closing ceremony

Many legends also joined the 21st Commonwealth Games. In front of players and others, Gold Coast City Mayor Thomas Richard Tait is keeping his point.

During the closing ceremony of the 2018 Commonwealth Games at the Caraara Stadium, Prince Edward also spoke on the occasion.

Youth Yin and The Treaty Project is a musical group from Australia, who has tied the finishing ceremony.

Australian singer Samantha Jad also sang many songs in the joy of the conclusion of the Commonwealth Games and forced the people to climb.

Musical artist Tundy Phoenix showed his acting with many supporting dancers.

Players around the world, in joy, thought that before making the departure from the 21st Commonwealth Games, a selfie is made.

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