This cheerleader is being harassed in the name of virginity and religion

_100851632_miami4.jpgThe former cheerleader of the American football team Miami Dolphins has officially filed a complaint against his team.

In which he says that due to his religion and virginity he has been disturbed.

Kristen Ann Were is 27 years old. She says in 2016 she had left the dance group since an interview with the team’s director, in this conversation she had talked about her sexual life.

Although they are not the first cheerleaders who have complained about this kind of environment.

The former cheerleader of the football team New Orleans Saints also says that he posted a picture wearing underwear on social media, due to which he was fired from work.

Trying to make a better place for everyone
Ver told  about their complaint that they had given the complaint to the Human Relations Commission of Florida on Wednesday and it has not been seen as an attack on the American football team.

“I am not against them,” he told in a telephone interview on Friday. I want to make this a better place for cheerleaders. ”

Ver has left the team three years later. They claim that there was an incident in the coach bus in London and they became the cause of the harassment.

Ver says in his complaint, when the New York Jets team played at Wembley Stadium in 2015, the dancers were talking about ‘sex playlists’ among themselves.

Wear explains, “I was stressed that I should give my playlist.” Then they told these people about their virginity.

In the complaint, his lawyer Sarah Blackwale argues, “Kristen told his teammates that they are waiting for marriage because they have some special relations with God.”

Later, when cheerleaders have to re-apply their work during the annual performance review, then they face confrontation with Team Director Dori Grogan.

They claim that the director told them, “Let’s talk about your virginity.”

According to his lawyer, Wearer had refused to talk to anyone about his virginity further.
A source from the team told that in 2016 we came to know about an incident involving cheerleaders, when the performance of our cheerleaders was less than expected.

“We immediately raised this issue and removed the Supervisor, who later apologized to the entire team.”

According to the American media report, Gogan is still working in the same role.

It has also been said in his claims that Vire argues that his post is not posted on the instagram account of the team, which mentions his affiliation with Christianity.

They also say that when they write “Motivation Monday” for the Dolphin blog about their audition for the team, then the mention of God and Christ is edited in it.
Miami Dolphin said in a statement , “We are seriously committed to providing an environment of positive work for all those associated with the organization.”

“We keep every member of our organization on the same standards, because of gender, caste and religious reasons.”

In the statement of the American media, the National Football League (NFL) says that the organization and its team “do not discriminate in those who work.”

In this statement, the NFL has said, “Whatever works for NFL with cheerleaders, including cheerleaders, has the right to work in a positive and respectful environment.” Which is free of any kind of harassment and discrimination and it comes under state and central law.

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