The Story of Love and Freedom of a Sex Worker …


At first he used to come Ever had me sit with another girl ever … ”

“But gradually as soon as he started coming to me, I do not know how a special relationship between him and me became.”

The Red Light area of ​​Meerut was sold in a place in the Kabbadi market, for anita (changed name), a man came in as light in his dark life.

Although, in the life of a sex worker, there is no place of love, but in Anita’s life, the color of love began to climb gradually.

However, Anita had gone through a lot of emotional relationships, so trusting was difficult. Yet the ray of hope was intact.

This love gave Anita freedom from the life of a sex worker. They could get a respectable life in the society.
Brought to the name of the job
Anita’s life, brought from 24 Parganas in West Bengal, passed through many rocky roads.

She says, “In my house there were parents, and a younger sister and brother, there was always a shortage of money in the house, so there was another need to earn.”

“So I thought that if I earn, then there will be some help in the house.” Then a man from the village talked about giving me a job in the city. ”

“He also told my parents that he would give some work and get good money. About five years ago I came with him.”

“But, after a few days of tearing off, he sold me for me.”

Will the marriage of a sex worker after this law?
Why is this Hanuman so angry?
When the landlords asked for sex as a rental …

The threats were given …
At that time, just as the world changed for Anita. For some days, he did not understand what happened to him.

He kept abreast of giving permission to them, but no one’s heart was sweated for him.

Anita’s job was to become a sex worker, to embrace death. Initially, Anita opposed it very much.

They were upset with them. Threats were given to kill them, to lose face.

Anita says, “I did not have any other way, I was new to that place, that place had become a prison for me, and I was forced to go …”

“… so that I should be prepared for the customers.” Now I had no choice but to die or to speak. I broke up and handed myself over to this business. ”
Hell was supposed to be …
But, there was a change in Anita’s life when she met Manish (renamed name).

She says that when Manish and their relationship became a special relationship between them, neither of them knew anything.

“Manish started coming to meet me the day he used to talk to me and I liked it.”

Then one day Suddenly Manish kept the matter of his heart in front of Anita. Anita should have got rid of the hell of the hell. Show her support in Manish.

But, Manish was not able to trust easily. Anita was slightly shy of the previous deception.

Therefore, Anita showed her willingness to leave from Manish. People of the people knew about the arrival of Manish.
Stamp paper
But, it was not so strange for them that because many times there are such customers who like a special girl. Then Manish contacted an NGO.

This organization works only in Meerut and helps in the rescue and rehabilitation of girls trapped in prostitution. Often where customers go, they are their informers.

NGO Operator Atul Sharma said, “Manish came to me, he told me where he loves a girl and wants to take it away.”

“I asked him what would happen after taking it from. Manish said that he wants to marry Anita.”

Atul says that believing in him for the first time was a bit difficult. They asked for some days to come so that they could see how certain his intentions were.

Manish came back two days later and he said the same thing. Now Atul Sharma has some beliefs.
Anita (whose face has been concealed)
When removed from
Atul Sharma said that he came with the consent of the first girl because it can be hard to get him from where. Manish went to Anita and told him this story.

Anita was so anxious to get out of that place that she asked to bring a stamp paper.

When Manish took the paper, he put a lot of marks on his blank paper.

Anita says, “I did not want to write. I could not talk to anyone outside. I just wanted to scream and remove me from there.”

After that, Atul Sharma reached the police station.
Fear of the broker
She tells that she did not recognize the face of the girl, so she said in a loud voice, Anita. Then only a girl got up.

“I understood that this is the girl, I grabbed her hand and asked to walk along, she was a little afraid, because even after leaving, the broker’s fear remains.”

“Then the coop driver started to stop me but I said that this girl wants to go from here.”

“If these stairs descend, we have been done and if not, then I will go. I had said so much that they got down from the rushing stairs and sat in our car.”

After this, Atul Sharma talked to Manish’s parents. It was natural that they were not ready before, but agreed to explain the son’s persistence further.

But, he laid the condition of keeping the girl’s past hidden.
Training of living
Anita says, “I had left thinking about marriage, but Manish’s hope was a little hoped.”

“Even if his parents do not like me, I do not feel bad, after all, why would anyone take his head offense. But, gradually he took me completely.”

“I have a daughter today and she has a respectable life.”

Meerut’s Kabadi market is Red Light area. Calling a customer by killing girls is a common thing here.

In such a situation, he can recognize them from any ordinary girls. But, now many girls rescued from there have settled in the house.

Efforts have also been made to give them employment. This institution is now giving normal training to these girls by removing them from there.

For this, he is kept in the house of Volunteers of the institution for a few days so that he learns the common lifestyle of women from that house.

Atul Sharma said that where the girls who work for long periods of time get up and sit and talk all changed. It is tried to live in a common family

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