The road of China came to the head, what will India do?

_100937800_gettyimages-74140609.jpgIndia’s neighboring Nepal’s new Foreign Minister Pradeep Kumar Javali has met Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Beijing. In this meeting, there are several important issues, including improving rail connectivity between the two countries.

In the beginning of the year, the then Prime Minister of Nepal KP Oli was in power. During this period, all the decisions were taken in this regard. But these decisions were not implemented because the power change in Nepal was changed.

After Oli came back to power, it was again met, and talked about execution of the decisions.

To increase its reach throughout the world, China has planned to add 65 countries of Asia, Europe and Africa. This project has been named ‘One Belt One Road’, which means the OBOR project. It is also known as New Silk Route.

Nepal becomes the new Silk Route of China
India wants China together
After the meeting, in China, under the One Belt One Road project (offer under the One Belt One Road project), the Indo-Nepal-China Economic Corridor has once again indicated that it wants to include India.

China had already wanted India to be part of the One Belt One Road project, but India has been denying it. China sees it as a giant and understands that there is a major development of human resource development and it is important to connect with other countries.

China believes that roads, railways, waterways, telecommunication lines, gas lines, petroleum lines should be laid for it.

India and Japan will answer China’s ‘One Belt One Road’ answer?

What are China’s intentions on the New Silk Route
If there is any shortage of this project in China, then it is that China is trying to connect all the countries with it, that is, it is making its center its center. But this is also apparent because China is giving financial support for it.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said that he wants China-Nepal-India to join this together, but India has consistently refused to join it.

Last year China had organized a large meeting of several countries’ One Belt One Road Forum and invited many countries. India was the only major country that did not get involved in it.

After this, India issued a statement and said that the countries which are becoming part of this ambitious project of China are stuck in debt and openly oppose it.

What is the Gwadar port project of Pak?

China now big wager on Afghanistan?


Pakistan learns the message of a friend
India’s opposition can be considered
The main objective behind India’s opposition is that under the belt and road project China is making China-Pakistan economic corridor. Under this, the road starting from China goes to Gwadar port of Pakistan, but for this the road passes through the area of ​​Gilgit-Balochistan. This part currently comes to Pakistan-administered Kashmir but it considers India its share.

On one hand, China denies India’s right to Kashmir, but on the other side Pakistan claims that this part is her, it accepts China. In such a way, India can be understood to not understand China as its friendly country.

This is an attempt to pressurize the Chinese side of India. In this project, China’s allies Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar do not have enough money to work on China’s project. If Nepal imposes its own money in this project of China, then its entire GDP will go into it.

Like the Sri Lankan Port, China occupies Pakistan Port?

China and India will not be able to stop?
China is ready to take such a lot in this project because the pressure on India and the road to China’s head is coming to the head of India and Indian people start using that road.

Not only this, Nepalese people will not be able to buy thousands of tons of goods in Nepal and they will come to India via smuggling through the border of Nepal. There can be big problems in front of India.

Today, accepting China’s point on the Kashmir issue will mean that tomorrow you can see their pressure on Arunachal. This is the situation of serious embarrassment for India. The entire purpose of foreign policy will be eliminated.

Lok Sabha elections are going to be held in India in 2019 and in view of this, how will Modi face this problem?

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