‘The invention of the Internet was in the Mahabharata period’

_100918615_mediaitem100918614.jpgTripura Chief Minister Bipal Kumar Deb said that the invention of the Internet was done in India millions of years ago.

He said that during the period of Mahabharata, there were not only internet but also satellites in the country.

Addressing a workshop in Tripura, Bipel Deo said, “These countries are those countries where Sanjay sat in the Mahabharata and told Dhritarashtra what was happening in the war. What does this mean? In that era was technology, The internet was the satellite, how can I see Sanjay’s eyes? ”

‘Hundreds of years ago was invented’

Tripura Chief Minister Bipal Kumar Deb said that not only the West countries but India has invented the Internet.

He said, “It means that there was technique at that time. What happened in the middle, did not happen, a lot changed but in that time there was technology in this country. You did not do this work before, millions of years ago in this country It was invented. ”

‘Algebra, Pythagoras donation of India’
… then an Indian did the invention of the plane!
This statement of the Chief Minister is being made a joke on the social media. A Facebook user has called it the breaking news of the century.

Ibne Guna has written, “This is breaking news of this century: The invention of the internet and the satellite has not happened recently, it has existed since the Mahabharata millions of years ago: Bipbal deb.”
Another user Fareed Uwach has written that “the internet was present in the Mahabharata period, it is confirmed by Tripura Chief Minister Bipal Deb.”
Bipel Kumar Deb became Chief Minister of Tripura last month. He was the state president of BJP, under whose leadership the party created history in Tripura assembly elections.

By ending 25 years of Left rule on the state’s power, the party formed its government there.

Bipel Kumar Dev, born in the year 1971 in Kakraban, Udaipur, Gomoti district of Tripura, is associated with RSS

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