Social: ‘Modi or Manmohan, all are silent on the issue of work’

_100927319_gettyimages-855884514.jpgFormer Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has advised PM Narendra Modi about the incidents of gang rape in Unnao in Uttar Pradesh and Kathua of Jammu and Kashmir.

In an interview to the Indian Express, Manmohan Singh said, “I think that PM Modi should have done the advice given to me, and he should continue to speak on it.”

For the last ten years of Manmohan Singh’s tenure (ten years in the year 2012-14), the BJP made a joke on social media by calling him ‘Maun Mohan Singh’.
In the past few weeks, the silence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on many other issues, including the recent gangrape cases, has also made a lot of publicity on the social media.

However, Manmohan Singh also said in this interview, “I am happy that it was late, but PM Modi broke his silence on the birth anniversary of Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar and said that the daughters of the country will definitely get justice. ”

But what is the opinion of the common people on this advice given to former Prime Minister of PM Modi? Through BBC Kosuni, we tried to know this.
Mangesh Tiwari has commented from Delhi, “Manmohan Singh is an educated person, he speaks less, but speaks truthful and necessary.” His attitude was also his attitude during his tenure. ”

Comparison of both
Raj Kumar, living in Jharkhand’s Bokaro city, wrote that it is not ok to compare both and talk about them together.

He writes, “Manmohan Singh never cried like crying for his poverty like never before. He never brought his mother in politics, and sometimes he did not talk about his caste or religion, and he never spoke a lesson in the House. Therefore, it is different from Modi ji. ”
Himilachal Sunil Negi commented, “The silence of Modi ji is also under the scope of questions, and many times he has to speak.” He recently made Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi as Mohan Lal Gandhi.

They did not say so many times
Ash Chandra of Dehradun has written, “The rising prices of petrol, increased fees of schools and colleges, and also about the dead men on the border, Modi is no longer speaking.”

Ashik Elahi of Hyderabad has written, “Manmohan Singh is not the right thing, you are provoking Modi, let him speak a little bit, he should say the least and stay away from the majority of the country, that is for the country. that’s good.”
Shom of Maharashtra has written that there is a difference between speaking of Manmohan Singh and Narendra Modi. Manmohan Singh speaks the language of someone else and Narendra Modi has his own At that time, the party president Rahul Gandhi had torn down the letter of Manmohan Singh.

Work and speech
Many people have written, “Manmohan Singh used to talk about work, it is not extraordinary.” Modi speaks superficial and does not work, therefore, whether or not the work is done, speech is definitely on that issue. ”

Many people think that the issue of work is to be talked about, even after leaving the concern of the vote bank, all the leaders become ‘Maun Mohan’ and ‘Maun Modi’.
Diwakar Singh has written from Madhubani in Bihar, “It is a wrong question. If Modi speaks more than this, we will have to cut his ears.”

Vishwa Nath Singh has written from Azamgarh, “Modi speaks after the passing of time, then when all the damage is done, there is no complaining about silence here, they are late due to delay. If it is correct, then it should prove to them that their silence was right and they remained firm on it. ”

‘False said to the liar …’

At the same time, Rishi Kumar Singh of Allahabad has written to Manmohan Singh in return and wrote that if Manmohan Singh is advising him that he would have applied to him today, then there is no scope for scandal.

Some people justified Modi’s silence and wrote that criminal incidents in the country are going on daily. If they start speaking at every event, then they will have to talk about this by putting a mike for 24 hours.

And Nikhil Mishra of Kolkata wrote a glimpse of relief Indore, “Lies have told a lie to tell the truth

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