Modi’s reply, story of surgical strike


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday warned Pakistan without giving a name and said, “Those who export terrorism should know that now India has changed.”

Prime Minister Modi in response to the question of surgical strike in India’s talk of “India’s talk with everyone,” in the Central Hall of Westminster in London, said in response to a question on surgical strike, “It is Modi, we know to answer in the same language is. ”

In September 2016, the Indian Army claimed that it had surgical strikes near the LoC near Pakistan. The Pakistani army, while denouncing the claims of India, had said that the action was limited to firing on the Line of Control.

In response to a question asked on Wednesday on the surgical strike, Prime Minister Modi said, “India’s character is to be invincible, it is to be victorious, but it is not India’s character to snatch the rights of anyone.” But when the industry of exporting a taryism The innocent citizens of my country are killed, they do not have the power to fight, if they try to strike back, then it is Modi I know how to answer in the language. ”
Modi further said, “Let our soldiers come to the night sleeping in the tent and send them to death. Someone will want you in silence. Do they should give the answer to the brick or not to give a stone to the brick and therefore have a surgical strike. I am proud of my army, proud of the soldiers, made 100 percent implementation of the plan that was made and came back before sunrise.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also said that before giving information to the world, India had told Pakistan about surgical strikes.

There is no effect of anything on me. The words like fakiri etc. are big. I am aulia
Narendra Modi, PM
They said, “Look at our goodness, I told our officers that before you know Hindustan, call the army of Pakistan before you know it. Tonight we have done this.

These bodies will be lying there. If you have time, then go and get it from there. We were calling him from 11 o’clock in the morning, he was scared to come on the phone, he was not coming. They came on the phone at 12 o’clock. Then we told the world that the Indian army had this right to get justice and we did it. ”

Prime Minister Modi, who arrived in London to participate in the Chogam (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting) conference, Modi spoke on many issues in ‘India’s talk, with everyone’ program. He counted his government’s plans. Modi said that during his government’s tenure ‘India is setting Agenda’ in the world.
Referring to India’s growing status, Modi said, “I could not go to the Commonwealth Summit held in Malta for the last time.” This time Prince Charles himself came only to give me a personal invitation, so much so that the Queen personally gave me the personal letter He wrote that you have to stay this time, this is not the subject of Modi, it is a profile of India. ”

Famous songwriter Prasun Joshi has been running the program which ran for more than two and a half hours. The outline of the program was made in which Prasun Joshi talked about him and his questions about the people.

Earlier, Narendra Modi met British Prime Minister Teriza May and Queen Elizabeth II.

During Narendra Modi’s visit to London, he had to face protests. In the last few days in India, the people protested against the streets of London and raised slogans against Modi for not getting justice in the case of rape incidents and murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh in Kadua and Unnao.
Key points of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address in the program ‘Talk about India’ in all:
On the incidence of rape: A young girl is raped. How painful is it? But would we say that there were so many in your government? There are so many in my government Rape is rape. How can one tolerate oppression with a daughter? I presented this topic with renewed renewal from the Red Fort. I said that when the daughter comes late in the evening, every parent asks where she went. Where are you going to ask daughters then ask all the sons? Is anyone who has this sin to have a son?
On foreign policy: That is the truth; Walking with her with courage, which is true. These strengths have been shown by Hindustan. You can imagine that the prime minister of India should not be Israel for 70 years of independence. What was the pressure? Hindustan should be strained when Hindustan says, “When I go to Israel, I will go straight to Israel and on the day when I will go to Flatistan, I will go to the country with courage.” I will also go to Saudi Arabia I would also go to Iran if needed. When I was fighting, there was a lot of criticism on one of my subjects. Foreign policy will not understand at all. This will put the Bhatta of the country but today four years later nobody can question this. The reason is not Modi. Modi believes in the power of hundred and fifty million people. Modi has faith in the great traditions of Hindustan. I am convinced that I can explain the truth to India.
On the issue of income of farmers: We have decided that we want to double the income of farmers of the country till 2022. For him, his cost should be low.

When I was the Chief Minister in our country, the letters that I wrote to the Prime Minister at the time were written on the same thing. We need urea in our state to increase the quota of urea. People used to stand in queue for two to two days for urea. I did not put any new factories after coming but only I changed the efficiencies. Stressed honesty. Out of 20 lakh tonnes of urea production increased without any new taxwork.

On the problems of the country: There is a lot of confidence in me that if there are millions of problems in my country, there are also 100 million solutions. If poverty is to be removed then by making the poor poor, they can be removed and not able to feed the poor. What should be done to give them strength.
On the Central Government: As much work as before, it started three times today. Rail tracks should be done, double line of rail should be done. Solar energy should be installed. Toilet Toilets Because the countrymen are expecting because of confidence. If you look at how the work was done in the last ten years, then you will know how it happened in four years. You will see the difference in the sky. If you have the policy clear, the principles are clear, the intention is good and the general intention is to make the whole thing intense, then under this arrangement you can take the desired results. The government has to run the country. This is the ego which should be left to the government. People should have their strength only. We would like to bring the result to the public.
Contributing to the world: If the world worries about global warming and Climate Change then India has come up with a solution of the International Solar Alliance. If the world is troubled by terrorism, then India has led the people who believe in democratic values ​​by bringing humanitarian forces together. India is becoming a trend setter. India is setting the agenda. India is able to create its profile with new faith.
The world is troubled by the Terrorism, it is a fight against humanity. All humanist powers should be one and India has led it.

On Modi Care: Education to the children, earning the youth, medicines to the elderly. These are things that we should worry about for a healthy society. One disease ravages the whole family. In the entire health sector, we are working with a holistic approach. The original desire is that I should take care of my countrymen.
On public participation: Take time (from 1857 to 1947). The struggle of independence was not in any corner. The talk of freedom was not stopped. But Mahatma Gandhi gave a new look to the whole feeling. He added to the general public (with the struggle of independence). Mahatma Gandhi linked freedom to the mass movement. Gandhi ji put together seventy-five people in every corner of India, which made it easier to get independence. I think development should also become a mass movement.
After Independence, an environment has become what the government will do. This made the distance between the public and the government.
Narendra Modi, PM
On the power of Indian democracy: It is the power of India’s democracy, India has the power of the Constitution, or the place where there is a reserve for some families and in the democracy, the Janata is God’s form in democracy, if he decides, then a tea seller Being a representative can join hands at the Royal Palace.
On the power of labor: Why do the hundred and fifty million people put me here? No, I have no caste and neither have any dynasty of mine. I have the same capital on hard work. I have the capital’s authenticity. I have capital, the love of the hundred and fifty million people. I should work more and more. I would like to say to the countrymen that you too should accept me as yours. I am what you are. I have a student within me. I am grateful to teachers who have never let me die in the student. I try to learn the responsibility I get. I told the countrymen that I can make mistakes but I will never do wrong wrong intention.

On the Opposition: I believe that this is the beauty of democracy. If there is no opposition in democracy, there is no criticism, how can it be democracy? I believe that the Modi government should have a lot of criticism. Democracy shines only when it comes to criticism. The government is also cautious. I consider the criticism as good luck. Unfortunately, there is a lot of research for criticism. Today is the time for such a catastrophe that very few people can do this. Criticism has taken the form of aliasing (accusations) except that limit. Criticism should be rewarded for a healthy democracy and should be avoided.
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Where the energy comes from: There can be many answers. I eat deli one kg, two kg (one kilos, two kilos) for the past two decades. Tell me the point. For me, hundred and fifty million people, my family. I do not want to be a burden on anyone. Laugh like this, go talkin ‘someday. Do not burden anyone in life. So keep the body fit.
On creating history: You know who wrote the Vedas. If the names of such a great creator do not know. There is no record anywhere in history. So what is Modi is a small thing Neither Modi is born nor is it the motive for Modi to enter history. The motive is that my country is immortal. Remember the world, remember my country. For my country the world proudly say this is a country which can show the path of human welfare. I have an interest in buying life in the image of Hindustan

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