Miguel Diaz Kennel to be Cuban’s new President


The Cuban Parliament has chosen Miguel Diaz Kennel as the new leader of the country. He will replace the 86-year-old President Raul Castro.

The castro family has been working on Cuban power for decades.

Raul Castro took power from his ill brother Fidel Castro in 2006.

Cuba’s National Assembly will vote on his nomination but Diaz is considered to be president.

Even after leaving the post of Raúl Castro, communists will continue to be influential people in Cuban politics.

He will continue as the party’s president until the National Convention of the Communist Party in 2021.

However, after voting in the National Assembly on Thursday, he will officially hand over the charge of Presidential post to Diaz.

According to Cuban correspondent Will Grant, there will be many challenges in the country in front of the new Cuban leader. The Cuban economy is tired and the young population wants change.

Fidel Castro and his brother Raul Castro have a revolutionary history, but Diaz’s history is not like that. This will also make the leadership difficult for them.

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Who is Diaz Canal?
Miguel Diaz Kennel has studied engineering and he has been associated with politics since youth.
When Diaz Kennel was made Cuba’s Vice President in 2013, he was not a very popular name. But since then he had become the right hand of Castro.

He was being prepared to take charge of the presidential position for the last five years. Even before the country became the first Vice-President, 57-year-old Diaz had a long political experience.

He was born in April 1960. This year only young Fidel Castro became the Prime Minister of the country.


In November 2016, Fidel was buried in mourning after the death of Castro Cuba
He has studied electrical engineering and has been associated with the Young Communist League since his youth. He started his political career in Santa Clara as a young man.

While teaching engineering at a local university, he climbed the stairs in the Young Communist League and at the age of 33, he was elected the second secretary of the league.

Raúl Castro has been praising his ideological strength.

Will the new president get real change?

The next Cuban leader will not be easy to make big changes in a short time, especially until the real power will remain in the hands of Raul Castro.

Changes in Cuba will come in a blueprint. Nevertheless, its Raúl Castro implemented many reforms after becoming President, especially to improve relations with the United States. It was also impossible to think of the leadership of his brother Fidel.

The biggest challenge in front of the new leader will be to keep the economy stable after the collapse of the economy of Venezuela, Venezuela’s subsidiary Country of Cuba.

Not only this, this island country in Caribbean does not have a relationship with America, which is headed by President Trump, which is also important.

Although Cuban people will evaluate their new president on the basis of changes in their lives.

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How much is the public’s representation in the Cuban National Assembly?
The National Assembly is generally considered like a rubber stamp. The National Assembly is going to hold an official meeting to take oath of 605 members elected last month.

The National Assembly decides the National Council to take charge of the country. The president of this council is also the president of the country and the leader of the government.

Cuba has always been saying that its election process is the most independent and unbiased in the world, but analysts have been questioning it. They say that the whole process is under the supervision of the ruling Communist Party.

All the 605 candidates were elected unopposed in the March elections.

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