Learn, the most important thing about India’s success in the Commonwealth Games

_100908643_cwg6India has won 66 medals this year in the Commonwealth Games. This is one of India’s best performances in the Games. These performances can prove to be decisive for Indian sports.

India’s wrestler Vinesh Phogat’s 50 kg category freestyle event left the gold medal bout for one hour only but he was not around the wrestling hall, but was in the stadium at the Trek and Field Venue of Australia’s Gold Coast.

In the last two days, an Indian women’s athlete did not win the gold medal, and Phogat had the last hope of her coach.

At that moment it was more important for Vaish Fogat to support his Javilan Thrower friend Neeraj Chopra. Chopra is formerly a junior world champion.

The two met at the Sports Injury Rehabilitation Center a few years ago. Both of them had promised to get one gold medal in Commonwealth Games by winning each other.

Commonwealth Games: India got gold, what is Pakistan?

Manu, Manika and Mary- India’s own Supergars
Neeraj Chopra won gold medal this time at Javelin Throw
Made history
The 20-year-old Chopra did not disappoint. He made history by becoming the first Indian athlete to win the gold medal in the Commonwealth Games Discus Throw event.

Chopra’s medal is India’s fourth gold medal in any trek and field event in the history of Commonwealth Games.

When the Indian flag was going up the top then the phogat started jumping into the celebration.

She says, “The moment when the tricolor was going up and the national anthem was still alive, I was feeling vibration within myself, both of us had promised to win a gold medal each other and I was thinking that I too had gold medal Winning is to fulfill your promise. ”

And Phogat also won the gold medal. He participated in the Commonwealth Games twice and this was his second medal. Although both of them played in different weight classes.

And the 21st Commonwealth Games that ended in this way

Hockey Fleet’s Indian athletes shine
Third best performance
India won a total of 66 medals and it is India’s third best performance in Commonwealth Games.

India won 101 medals in the Games held in Delhi in 2010, while in 2002, India won 69 medals in Manchester Games. In the year 2014, in Glasgow, India made its name in 64 medals.

So, what are the figures of 66 medals this time? This time, the number of gold medals (26) is more than silver (20) and bronze (20).

Not only that, India won medals in 9 of those 16 participating countries and won gold medals in seven.

And this medal, India has won the enthusiasm of foreign visitors without overseas land, as was with India in the year 2010.

Not only this, India has won medals in those competitions where India did not have much hope of winning.
Badminton champion Saina Nehwal celebrates victory over Indian player PV Sindhu
Unexpected success
Just hours after winning the gold medal of Chopra and Phogat, 22-year-old Manika Batra also gave India a moment of pride when she stood on top of the podium and the tricolor was going up.

Batra’s eyes were groaning with happiness.

After winning the gold medal of the tall tennis player player Monica Batra, the picture of celebrating by lifting her hands upwards will be refreshing for the Indians for years.

In this time, India has achieved unexpected success in the table tennis and Batra led the Indian team in this game.

Within a week, he won four medals, two of which are gold medals.

He also defeated Feng Tianwei of Singapore, who won the world number four and several times in the Olympics.


Hina Sidhu was waiting for this win for 8 years
Medal for India
The news of the game of newspaper in the Indian newspaper has been found in the corner only. But maybe this may change now.

Just before winning Batra’s gold medal on Saturday, only a non-Singaporean woman player won the gold medal.

New Zealand’s Chunli Lee won gold medal in the table tennis in 2002. This year, the games were also included in the Commonwealth Games.

This year, India has achieved the highest medal in shooting. The difference in the age of athletes who win medals for India is also remarkable.

On the one hand, fifteen year old Anish Bhanwala won the gold medal, 37-year-old shooter Tejaswini Sawant won gold and silver medals.

Not only that, all the target shooters in India have won and improved their records or made new records.
Pistol shooter Manu Bhakra also won gold medal for India this time
And this is the key to India’s victory in this time of the year.

Even though the number of medals is the third best this time, but the variety of players and sports makes this success even more prominent.

In this year’s Commonwealth Games, the next generation of Indian sports have also announced their arrival while following the footsteps of veteran wrestlers Sushil Kumar and boxer Mary Kom.

However, there is a scope for introspection in this success. Especially in hockey where men and women teams stayed at number four.

Both teams are preparing for the Asian Games in which competition is also tied to Commonwealth Games in many cases.

There are four months in the beginning of Asian Games and hockey players have enough time to repair their mistakes.


India’s Satish wins gold in weightlifting
No needle policy
But what about improving the image of India in drugs and dope? In the case of doping violation, India’s position is also in the medal table.

In other words, India is also at number three.

Bharti Triple Jumper and Race Walker had to return home due to violation of No Knowled Policy and India needs to take immediate action on this serious issue.

As long as India does not improve in this direction, the performance of India’s finest athletes will remain shadow of doubt.

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