Keeping the wallet in the previous pocket dangerous for the spine?


In the morning, prepare the bath, fix the hair, watch the clock, check the mobile and keep the comb-purse ready to go to the office or shop.

Something like this goes on in the morning of most of the world’s men.

Apart from mobile, there is one such thing in all these, which forgets a whole day incomplete. That’s purse or wallet

In this purse, money, photos, credit-debit cards, driving license and other necessary identity cards are saved.

Of course, so many things are kept in one place, so the responsibility of the purse is also a lot of responsibility.

What is the harm from thick purse?

For this reason, it becomes very thick. And where is this purse placed? Mostly in the back pocket

And this habit can be dangerous. If you keep purses for a few moments in the back pocket, then there should be no special problem.

But if he rests in your back-pocket for whole day or several hours then you need to think.

Haemophilia: When the body does not stop bleeding

How much do people spend on their health in India?

Some people are talking on the social media that keeping a thick purse in the back pocket ends the spinal cord. Is it true?

And this habit is seen in us as much as the thickness of the purse, the more it will be.

Where can the pain be?

A report was published in Menshealth, in which Professor of Spine Biomechanics of University of Waterloo Stuart MacGill said that this purse is meant to be kept for some time but if you sit on the cardboard, bills and coins for hours, then it will be hip joint and The lower part of the waist will start to cause pain.

The problem starts with a ciatic nerve, which is right behind the hip joint. Due to keeping a thick purse, this nerve suppresses between wallet and hip and can cause trouble.

How much do people spend on their health in India?

Four years after the death of the child, the child is born!

This serious case is because the pain starts with a hip, but it can also go to the bottom of the foot.

Dr. McGill used an experiment to study back pain in which a small sized wallet placed under a hip.

What will be the effect on the hip?

Pelvice (hip) also bends on one side because of keeping a thick purse in the previous pocket, due to which there is excessive pressure on the spinal cord.

Instead of sitting directly in the lower part of the waist, a rainbow-like shape is formed.

And the thickness of the purse, the body will bend on one side and the more pain it will be. But the problem is that it is difficult to keep the thick purse even in the forward pocket, because doing so may cause further pain.

Some doctors say that keeping only a thick purse will lead to spinal cord or spine in the spine, this may not be true, but if there is a problem already in the spine, it can bring a lot of trouble.

When asked to do bone doctor Kaushal Kant Mishra in Delhi’s Primus Hospital, what is the problem with keeping purse in the previous pocket, “There should not be any problem in the ideal condition. If spine is normal then there will be no problem. ”

Long hours dangerous

But in this case it is important to have spinal cord normal.

Should it be assumed that keeping a thick purse in the previous pocket would not have any problem, he said, “It is not so.” If you do this for some time then there is no problem, but if you do it for several hours then pain will happen. ”

He said, “If a lot of wallet sits in the back pocket for several hours, it will not change the shape of the spinal cord, but the cytika can certainly happen.”

Dr. Mishra said, “This is a radiating pen, that means such pain which does not change from one place to another, changes the place over and over again.”

And how can this pain be dealt with?
Turn knees and lie down on the ground. While taking the knee down, take the right side while keeping the shoulders and hip on the ground and move towards the left. This will make you feel less relaxed at the lower part of the waist.
Image copywrite images
Lie down on the ground and kneel the knees and hold the outer part of the legs. Roll the upper part of the waist and make the base and you will see that the back pain is recovering to a considerable extent.
How should you keep the wallet?
Keep a money-clip or a thin-style wallet, which can easily be absorbed into the forward pocket
Buying a wallet with which the keys can be attached and kept. By doing this whenever you want to sit in a pocket behind the wallet, the key will prick and you will be forced to keep it ahead
If you wear khaki paint or dress paint, then close its button so that it does not become a habit of keeping a back wallet.
If possible keep off the wallet. There are many people who keep thin cardholders and money in the pocket ahead
Take out your wallet or mobile phone from the back pocket and look at it as a challenge.
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