Karnataka Election: When the public made its manifesto itself

_100932612__100834410_image2.pngAlways before the election, politicians knock at your door, your manifesto gives you a chance and in turn asks for your valuable vote.

But have you ever given your manifestation i.e. your demands to the politicians?

The same kind of people of Bengaluru will be going before the assembly elections next month. The common people of Bangalore prepared their manifesto together and gave it to all the political parties who are participating in the state elections.

An independent group called ‘Citizens for Bengaluru’ united people from different parts of the city and discussed the problems of daily living with it.

After this discussion, his declaration issued on the demand of the people of Bengaluru, given the name ‘Bengaluru Baku’, this word means ‘Bengaluru wants it.’
In this manifesto, issues like traffic rules, pollution control, waste management, better plans for implementation of new policies have been discussed.

“The leaders come and are spreading their hands just before the election,” says Archana Prabhakar, a resident of Bangalore, who holds her views in this declaration, this is the time when they tell us what they have for us. Done But all these work are not done in five years of their tenure, but they are completed in a hurry some months before the election. Unfortunately we only have to vote for these leaders. ”

The objective of this separate manifesto of the public is to bring the voice of the general public to the leaders. Archana says that this manifesto is for the politicians from the public side.

A total of 13 issues have been raised in this manifesto, which include waste management, sanitation, rights of pedestrians, pollution, housing, availability of public places and better governance.


If you become the Chief Minister for a day then what will you do?
“Leaders must understand that the general public will not be silent,” Archana smiled. It is our right to demand your rights. ”

Archana says that till the last election, she had a very indifferent attitude towards politics, leaders and elections. But then they realized that it is a very easy task to take a finger at just the leaders, whereas being a partner in solving a problem is a difficult challenge.

Archana says, “When the leaders saw that the people were preparing their manifesto themselves and bringing them to them, they were surprised, they realized that people are not happy with their ‘walk’ attitude.

Early this week, Archana, her husband and several other people went to different political parties in Bangalore and deposited their manifesto there. Political parties have also taken cognizance of this declaration.

Now it is necessary to see how many political parties in the manifesto put their place in their manifesto.


What are the key issues in the Karnataka elections?

Karnataka elections: People of Bengaluru, when ‘one day CM’

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