Julie left his own ‘love master Matuk Nath’

_100940306_matukjulyThis is the moment of relaxation after 12 years of battle. “A long battle over the face was tired, but 61-year-old Abha told me to smile on the lips.” Abha Choudhary is the wife of Hindi professor Matuk Nath Chaudhary in Patna University. .

On April 17, the Supreme Court ordered Professor Matuk Nath Chaudhary, known as Love Guru, to give one-third of his salary in the form of a living allowance to his wife Abha Chaudhary.

Mutuknath had come to discuss the entire country with his relationship with Julie, a 30 year-old girl, in the year 2006 itself. Jolie was also in Live in Relationship with Mateuk Nath from 2007 to 2014. But after that he left Patna.

At present, where Julie is, there is no information about Mutuknath about it.

Matuk-Julie’s love story
After the verdict of the Supreme Court, staying alone in his three bedroom flat in Shastrinagar Mohalla, Patna, I asked Mutaknath if he has any regrets?

He laughed at this question, and said, “Julie and me have done such a great job, the light of love spread all over the world, so how can I regret it? Love has just received, it can be received tomorrow, not wished, but get it Hey fate. ”

Julie and Matuk first met in 2004. Matuk Nath taught at BN College in Patna and was a Julie student.

Matuk explains, “He had a class in black dress and was about 7 minutes late, I liked it at first glance but I do not like late students in class, so I scolded Julie and said that if the lat is coming So leave my class. ”

But this first scold grew closer to the two. According to Matuk Nath, the other students of his class were ‘GusGolacharya’, who were stupid but Julie was very fast in all of them, although Julie’s language was ‘Ul Zulul’ which she used to criticize.

Image caption
Professor Matuk Nath
Increasing proximity, conflicts at home
After 6 months of the first meeting between growing neighbors, Julie offered to love Matuk Nath. Alam was that Professor Matuk Nath bought the first mobile phone so that he could talk to Julie, later both of them started meeting outside the college.

Matuk says, “It was very difficult, when a middle-aged man would sit in the park with a young girl, the eyes of the people continued to stare at him, at that time it seems that there is no solitude for lovers in Patna.”

Meanwhile, Julie started visiting the house of Matuk, which soon after the wife and son expressed objection Wife Abha says, “Even before Julie, they had a love affair and every time I protested against it. But when opposed, they would have become violent, how long would they be saved?”

Matuk Nath also accepts his love affair. She explains that she married Aura in 1978 but after two years she started feeling incomplete.

Matuk Nath, “I decided at the time that I would go to some other woman. I loved love twice before Julie, a student in 1981, and once again in 1994, a love for a woman, on the break I was in a crippled condition for 3 years. ”

Image caption
Book of Matuk and Julie published in 2010
Law of law
It is interesting that Mattoo Nath’s wife Abha Chaudhary studied law at the age of 53 after matuk.

Abha speaks very frankly about this decision, “Since 2007, it started walking around the court but she was sitting there like a fool, so the law graduated to fight for her battle and understood her case better. Pai, the money that I still get from Professor Sahab (Matuk Nath), I will spend only on the help of the troubled wives. ”

At present, Matuk Nath and Abha Chaudhary are living at two separate corners of Patna city. According to Matuk Nath, Julie has gone towards Spirituality.

Image caption
Abha Choudhary, Matuk Nath’s wife
He says on his love affair, “I have not had a separation from Julie with my mind, our love is going on, just the two of us have decided to stay separate, the thirst of the rest of my love will remain throughout my lifetime.

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