Journalist got threaten against anti-rape cartoon

_100924731_a977082a-7b7e-4f15-b69f-fd296c9fd6d8.jpgIndia’s journalist and cartoonist Swati Vadlamudi said after receiving threats on social media for one of her cartoons that she will not bow to anybody.

Swati Vadlamudi had made a cartoon in which the mention of a conversation between Hindu Lord Rama and his wife Sita

Its purpose was to criticize right-wing elements who supported the accused in some recent rape cases.

In the cartoon, Sita tells her husband Ram that she is happy that she was abducted by Ravana, the King of Demons, and not her husband’s devotees.

Vadlamudi says that these threats have strengthened them.

Cartoon happened viral but happened controversy
This cartoon has been shared thousands of times on social media.

But the way they used the characters of Hindu religious texts Ramayana, there has been controversy.

Vadlamudi said in a conversation with BBC Telugu Service Correspondent Prith Raj Raj that such cartoon cartoons are among his habit, and these cartoons were made to condemn the two rap cases that came in the news last week.
Cartoonist and journalist Swati Vadlamudi
After the arrival of two BJP ministers in the rally organized in support of the Gangrape and the accused in the murder of an eight-year-old girl in Kathua district of India-administered Kashmir, there was resentment in the whole country.

Similarly, in Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh, the girl tried to self-immolate after alleging rap from the BJP MLA.

A brainstorm on Kurukshetra surgical strike!

If ‘Ram devotees’ had done ‘Sita-Harna’?
Swati Vadlamudi has told the BBC that in both the cases the BJP’s ruling party BJP is included, whether the leaders have committed a crime or their supporters who have supported the criminals.

She says that those who defend the accused or insist on their innocence, call themselves Ram devotees.

Swati Vadlamudi explains that given the inhumanity of these crimes, she fell into the thought that what would happen if these alleged Ram devotees had kidnapped Sita?

After the cartoon appearances, he got many threats on the Internet and many people have demanded his arrest.
The last year of journalist Gauri Lankesh was murdered in front of her house
Some threats were also mentioned about journalist Gauri Lankesh, who had been assassinated for criticizing hard Hindutva.

Parents have ‘money for the daughter’s rapist’ because …

Who was the danger from Gauri Lankesh?

‘Threats do not even sleep in the night’

Swati Vadlamudi says that after receiving threats from her family, her family is very worried. “After getting threats, I do not even sleep in the night.”

The police has registered a case against Swati after the complaint of a right-wing group.

The right-wing group has complained that it has hurt religious sentiments of Hindus.

Women organizations and Indian Journalists Association have called it an attack on the press.

In the last few years, journalists who have criticized hard Hindutva have faced criticism on social media.

According to an NGO named Committee for Protect Journalists, 27 journalists have been killed while working in India since 1992.

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