Here comes the money for North Korea’s nuclear program

_100932259_gettyimages-868202020.jpgWhere does the money come from North Korea to make a missile after one?

For nearly two years, in an investigation conducted in many countries, about 1.5 million North Koreans earn money by living in other countries and this money is used in Kim Jong-its nuclear program.

This secret investigation was done by some journalists from different countries by making an international group that spoke to North Koreans working in Russia, China and Poland.

According to this investigation, what these people are doing can be considered as slavery in the 21st century.

These people of North Korea have been sent abroad to earn one billion pounds (approx 9,335 million rupees) per year.

According to Yong-Ho, North Korea’s deputy ambassador in London, most of the money is imposed in Kim Jong-Nuclear program.

Yong-ho says, “If this money was spent peacefully for the country’s progress then the economy would have been in a better condition. Then where did all the money go? It was spent on the charity of Kim and his family, nuclear program and army. This is a fact. ”
During this investigation, an undercover team of journalists went to Vladivostok, Russia, looking for flats in the city and found the North Koreans working there.

Reporter: How much money do you get to work here?

North Korean person: Now everything gets our captain.

Reporter: Captain? Who is currently in charge? Any Russian person?

North Korean person: No, a North Korean person.

These people were reluctant to speak openly with strangers but agreed to speak to a Korean journalist on condition of a hired name.

North Korean Worker: “Here you behave like dogs and do not even eat food, while staying here, you stop yourself from being human.”

The laborer also told that they have to pay most of their earnings to someone else.

North Korean Worker: “Some people call it our responsibility towards the party, some say it is a duty towards revolution. Those who can not do this can not live here.”
It is said that 800 North Koreans operate in Poland shipyard, most of which are welders and workers.

The undercover team examined the meeting with a guard of the country as a representative of a company serving in Stachin city of Poland.

Guard: “The North Korean people are everywhere in Stachen, they work here and in other companies, their condition is similar in our times of communism, you know why they are not allowed to talk? West do not tempt them. ”
Guards also combined the journalists ‘team with the North Korean workers’ foreman.

Foreman: “Our people have come to Poland to work, they only take unpaid vacations, when we have to do a lot of work in a short period of time, then we work without work. We are not like the people of Poland who are eight Work for hours and go home. We do not do this, we work as long as we need. ”

The North Korean embassy in Warsaw says that its citizens are acting according to the laws of Poland and EU rules.

According to the Government of Poland, he has been continuously investigating and there is no evidence that earnings are being sent to North Korea.

At the same time, the government says that Poland has stopped issuing new work permits to North Korean citizens.

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Yong-Ho, former deputy ambassador, says, “There is no doubt that the income of the workers working abroad is endangered by their families living in North Korea, but should we remove restrictions for this? How can we stop North Korea’s nuclear program and missiles? ”

A company JMA has said in its statement that it has not put North Korean jobs and according to its information, all its employees are working legally.

The United Nations had imposed new sanctions on North Korea in December, after which North Korean citizens have been barred from working abroad, but in a country where the North Korean people are working, Time has been given.

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