Haemophilia: When the body does not stop bleeding

_100901125_gettyimages-578116246.jpgAfter cutting, a little blood stops after bleeding, but this does not happen with many people.

Hemophilia does not stop bleeding. There is also danger of knowing it.

Haemophilia is on 17th April which is celebrated to raise awareness about this disease.
What is hemophilia
It is a genetic disease in which blood clots stop forming. When a part of the body is cut, the components needed to make clots in the blood, mix it with platelets present in the blood and thicken it. This stops itself from bleeding.

People who have hemophilia have very little clotting ingredient. This means that their blood flows for a long time.

Dr. Atul Gogiya, a medical consultant at the Gangaram Hospital, explains, “The disease is mostly due to genetic reasons i.e., any one of the parents can have this disease even after the child. It is very rare that there is a disease due to some other reason. ”

“Haemophilia is of two types. Haemophilia ‘A’ lacks factor 8 and Hemophilia ‘B’ lacks component 9. Both are essential for making clots in blood. ”

Dr. Atul says that this is a rare disease. Haemophilia ‘A’ is found in one of 10 patients and one of the ‘B’ is 40, but this disease is very serious and awareness is very low.
Symptoms of hemophilia
Its symptoms can range from light to very serious. It depends on the levels of blood clots present in the blood. Apart from prolonged bleeding, there are other symptoms of this disease.

The constant blood flows through the nose.
Gum starts bleeding.
The skin grows easily.
Due to internal bleeding in the body, there is pain in joints.
Many times hemophilia also has bleeding inside the head. There is a lot of headache, vomiting in the neck. Apart from this, there are signs of staining, unconsciousness and paralysis on the face. However, it happens in very few cases.
There are three levels of hemophilia. Components that form body clots in the light level are from 5 to 50 percent. These components are 1 to 5 percent in the middle level and less than 1 percent of the critical level.
This disease can also happen from the birth of a child. Many times it is known only after birth. If hemophilia is of moderate and serious level then some symptoms start to appear due to internal secretion in childhood.

However, the risk of severe levels of hemophilia is very high. Internal bleeding can start even if there is a loud shock.

But, if the disease is of a mild level then it can not be easily understood. Generally, when the baby’s tooth gets out and the bleeding does not stop, then the disease is detected.

Many times the knee injures and the blood gets accumulated in the knee, which causes swelling in the knee.
What is the treatment
Hemophilia treatment was difficult a time ago, but now due to lack of components they can be inserted through out injection. If the seriousness of the disease is low then medicines can be treated as well.

If the mother or father has the disease then they are likely to come in the child. In such a case it is already examined.

There is only one of the siblings, but in the second, there is no symptom of that time, then there is a possibility of this disease going forward.

Dr. Atul explains that in most cases, the component 8 is found to be lacking. In this case, it is first detected that there is a shortage of components in the body. Now there are such components available in the market so the disease has become easier. Once it is detected, treatment can be done by injection.

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