Five Myths Spreading About Submerged Titanic before 106 Years

_100861150_02ae8fa6-d51c-4104-bfd9-841441ef700d.jpgThe film Titanic was such a mysterious story that due to its end, he was always in the discussion.

The end of the movie is painful, in which a lover gives his life to save his girlfriend and the girlfriend spends his entire life with memories.

The story of this ship, from Southampton in England to the United States in 1912, was real but James Cameron raised the unique story of love in the form of DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

106 years ago, the ship named Titanic was in its full speed and went ahead and collided with a huge iceberg. After two and a half hours the ship drowned in the Atlantic Ocean. The film Titanic was based on this incident.

More than 1,500 men, women and children were killed in this accident. There are many myths and stories about what happened in the hours before the Titanic’s sinking. And most people’s information is not a result of historical facts, but the result of films made on this incident.

The Titanic film was created in 1997 under the direction of American James Cameron. On April 14, 1912, the event was again re-released in 2012 with the movie Three Effect.

Due to the mysterious drowning of the Titanic, many films, documentaries and many concocted stories were made on it.

Let’s take a look at the five most common myths about the Titanic.

‘The ship that could not sink’

The White Star Line company had never said that the Titanic can not sink.
In the movie Titanic, the mother of Hirone Rose, looking at a ship in south England’s South Hampton port, says, “So this is the vessel about which it is said that its sinking is impossible.”

But Richard Howells of King’s College in London say that perhaps this is the biggest myth about the Titanic.

They say, “Even though people understand anything and such a myth is enough to fabricate a story, but the owner of the ship, the White Star Line, had never made such a claim, and in fact, before its drowning Nobody had written such a thing. ”

Band’s last song

In one of the memorable scenes of various Titanic films, the band has been shown playing music to maintain the morale of the ship during the shipwreck.

The band is playing ‘Prayer, My God, Too Due’ prayer in the last minute. According to the film, none of these players survived the accident.
The archive curator of the British Film Institute, Simon McCullum, says that it is a debate issue which was the final song of the band.

According to some witnesses, according to some witnesses, the band was playing the music of popular music to increase the courage at that time, in fact, we would never be able to know about what was the last tune, because seven players were killed. Has been used because it creates a romantic image of the film. ”

Paul Lauden-Brown, a member of Cameron’s film consultant and member of the Titanic Historical Society, says that the viewer of the musicians in the 1958 film “A Night to Remember” was so good that the director decided to repeat it.

Captain Smith’s death
Similarly, Captain of the Titanic Edward J. There is very little information about Smith’s last moments too. Although they are seen as a hero despite ignoring the warnings of the iceberg, and not to reduce the speed of the ship.

Louden-Brown believes that he does not like the image shown in the film, because “he knew how many people are riding in the ship and how much lifeboat they still let go of the boats despite not being completely filled.”

He told that only 27 people were sent on the first lifeboat, while 65 people could come in it. Many lifeboats were sent only half empty, which did not return to pick up the rest of the passengers.

Lauden-Brown further explains, “Smith alone is responsible for what happened.”

The captain gave a general order to leave the ship to the people. They did not say that the Titanic was in danger. There was no exit plan to exit the emergency.
No one knows the captain of the Titanic Edward J. Smith disappeared from the ship.
John Graves of London’s National Maritime Library also believe that no one knows when Smith finally disappears that night.

‘Villain’ ship owner
There is a lot of stories about Joe Bruce, the owner of the Titanic-making company, and nearly all of them have been told about their so-called cowardly how they went on a lifeboat to save their lives before saving the hijackers, women and children. .

Paul Lloden-Brown, Vice President of Titanic Historical Society, says that behind these accusations, this may be the old antagonism of the famous American newspaper owner William Randolph Hearst.

Hurst had a list of the names of people killed in the list and the second list, the survivors, only had the name in it. This led to a lot of slander in America.

But in many films based on the Loden-Brown, Titanic, J. Bruce considers this as a villain, to be mistaken. According to a report investigating the reason for the ship’s sinking in Britain in 1912, it actually helped many passengers before sitting in the last lifeboat.
Titanic sample placed in the museum
Lauden-Brown, who works as a consultant for Cameron’s films, believes that people expect what they want to see.

Because of saving his life, he faced many criticisms and he retired in 1913.

Frances Wilson, author of ‘How to Survive the Titanic: The Sinking of J Bruce Isem’, says, “He sympathizes with them and they see this as an ordinary person among extraordinary circumstances.”

They say that due to their behavior, the image of this has been shown like this.

Third class passengers

James Cameron’s directed film is a passionate scene of the Titanic, in which the third class passengers are forced to stop the lower part of the ship and prevent them from reaching the lifeboat.
James Cameron was given an Oscar for Titanic.
Richard Howells of King’s College says there is no historical evidence for this.

It is true that there were doors to accommodate the third class passengers in the vessel separate from the other passengers, but it was done according to US immigration laws and to prevent infectious diseases, and not in the event of shipwreck, these passengers should reach the lifeboat To stop by

In fact, most of the Titanic’s third class passengers were travelers from around the world looking for a better life, including travelers from Armenia, China, Italy, Russia, Syria and Britain.

Hawelles points out that those travelers were separated from the rest of the passengers for health check-up and immigration when they arrived on Alice Island under US law.

Lifeboat was handed over to each class.
But it was certainly not that lifeboats were kept in the third category of the ship.

The third class passengers had to find their own way to get out. Lifeboat on the ship was first given to first and second class passengers.

Later, in the British Investigation Report, it was revealed that the Titanic was working under American immigration law at the time. Therefore the charge of keeping the third class passengers in the lower part of the vessel proved false.

However, no third class passenger in the British investigation had gone for the testimony. But he was represented by a lawyer named W. D. Harbison.

When the order to go on the lifeboat, the first women and children were asked to go first in it. After which 115 first class and 147 second class men had retreated, which were later killed.

Finally, no evidence of this case could be found to prove that there was no double class behavior with third class passengers.

Though less than one-third of the third class survivors were saved, but due to the importance of lifeboat, there was more to the number of women surviving.

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* This original article was published in 2012, 100 years after the sinking of the Titanic

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