Commonwealth Games: India got gold, what is Pakistan?

_100890872_getty.jpgIndia has a special attachment with Commonwealth Games. One of the reasons for this is that the Indians have hosted them once.

In the 2010 Commonwealth Games held in Delhi, India made a record of touching a total of 100 medals.

The Games reached Glasgow in 2014 and India was on the fifth position with 64 medals in the medal tally.

Gold met 15. And now talk of 2018. In Australia’s Gold Coast, gold rises in India’s jungle.

How many medals are available to India?

This time, the Indian team got 26 gold and total 66 medals. 20 Silver and 20 Bronze. Gold medal is being played that is India’s best performance in any Commonwealth Games outside India.

India is ahead of Australia (80 gold + 59 silver + 59 bronze = 198) and England (45 gold + 45 silver + 46 bronze = 136) standing

And the 21st Commonwealth Games that ended in this way

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Now talk of neighboring Pakistan of India. How many medals did Pakistan win in the Commonwealth Games played in the Gold Coast? Where are they standing compared to India?

In fact, if it can be said that there is no comparison between India and Pakistan in winning the medal in Commonwealth Games, then this is not an exaggeration.

How many countries were, who won medal?

A total of 71 countries participated in these games and 39 countries were successful in winning any medal. Pakistan stands 24th in the list of 39 countries.

Pakistan has won a gold medal and four bronze medals in Queensland. And these five medals have met him with weightlifting and wrestling. And the players of three medal Gujranwala have given them

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Commonwealth Games: How did India get gold

Pakistan won the only gold medal in 2018, Mohammed Inam, in 86kg wrestling.

It is also important to mention them that they even sprayed Somvir on India in one of their matches. In the title match, he defeated the Nigerian Melvin Bibo.

What did Pakistan get?

Pakistan has got two bronzes in wrestling. These are won by Tayyab Raza and Mohammad Bilal. And India has stopped the victory of these two

Sumita defeated Raza of India and won the bronze by defeating Canadian wrestler. In the 57kg semi-finals, Bilal got the help of Rahul Avare and won the bronze by defeating the English wrestler.

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Wrestling gave a total of three medals including one gold to Pakistan, while weightlifting gave two bronze. Mohammed Noah Daggir Butt won bronze in 105+ weightlifting while Talha Talib won the second kilo weight category of 62 kg.

Having won a total of five medals including a gold, Pakistan slipped to 24th position.

Who is ahead of Pakistan?

Standing countries like Australia, England, India, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Wales, Scotland, Nigeria, Cyprus, Jamaica, Malaysia, Singapore are standing in 23 countries ahead of Pakistan.

Kenya, Uganda, Botswana, Samoa, Trinidad and Tobago, Namibia, Northern Ireland, Bahamas, Papua New Guinea and Fiji are also ahead of them. Pakistan’s number comes after them.

Grenada, Bermuda, Guyana, British Virgin Islands, St Lucia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cameroon, Dominica, Isle of Man, Mauritius, Nauru, Malta, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Ghana, Norfolk Island, Seychelles and Solomon Islands are behind it.

India’s second neighbor Bangladesh, with 2 silver medals, 30th and Sri Lanka one silver and 5 bronze at 31st position.

Far ahead of India, Pakistan

When medals were added to British Empire Games, British Empire and Commonwealth Games, British Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Games, India has so far won 570 medals with 207 Gold, 195 Silver and 168 Bronze, while Pakistan 25 Gold, 24 Silver and A total of 75 medals with 26 Bronze have done their names. In total, his total medal in the Commonwealth Games is 504.

This time, though the Australian city disappointed Pakistan, its best record in the Commonwealth Games came in this country.

In the year 1962, in these games held in Perth City, he won 9 medals, including 8 gold and he was fourth on the medal table.

In 2010, at the Delhi Commonwealth Games, he had won five medals with 2 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze, and was 17th in the table.

Track record of Pakistan

In the last Commonwealth Games played in Glasgow four years ago, Pakistan had won only four medals with 3 silver and 1 bronze and got 23rd position. This time he got a notch down and down.

Mohammed Inam Butt, who had won gold this time in Commonwealth Games, had won gold in Delhi even before eight years ago.

Butt said after winning one of the reasons for this poor performance of Pakistan in these games.

According to Geo TV, he said, “I had asked for 10 lakh rupees from the government to prepare for this event but nothing was found. I spent my money together with the Pakistan Wrestling Federation and won the first gold medal for the country. ”
He appealed to the Pakistan government to focus on sports so that players like him could win more medals.

Even in the social media, the people of Pakistan are demanding that they focus on sports.

Fazan Lakhani has written, “Pakistan has won 25 gold medals in the history of Commonwealth Games, 21 of which are won by our wrestlers. Pakistan is on the third spot in the wrestling medal winners of Commonwealth Games. We need to pay attention to this game, it is hard for our wrestlers to keep the flag of Pakistan at the top.

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