Cheap but extremely dangerous chemical weapons

_100927906_gettyimages-664346648.jpgMore than 40 people died in the alleged chemical attack in Duma city near Damascus, Syria’s capital on April 7.

A video appeared, in which some children were battling to breathe. This incident put everyone in the trap.

Assuming Bashar al-Asad government responsible for this attack in Syria, the United States, Britain and France together with missiles attacked some Syrian targets. Syria’s ally Russia opposed these attacks, but the EU was in support of the invasion.

The question arises that when there is a huge loss of life in the ongoing battle in Syria, all types of weapons are being used, then how much of the rage spread on the alleged chemical attack on Duma? Why is there so much resistance to chemical weapons?

Science journalist Pallava Bagla says that chemical weapons against other weapons are considered to be more dangerous.

He explains, “Every weapon brings disaster and a scale of its loss, Dynamite, TNT or nuclear weapon has its own potential. Similarly, chemical weapons are considered bad because the firepower is high and the general public It is more harmful. ”

” You can not target that armed forces only become targets. Their influence goes to the whole city. That is why they are not used. Despite this, these weapons are sometimes used. The United States also used such weapons during the Vietnam War. ”
Wrecking Weapons
Chemical Weapons are kept in the range of Weapons of Mass Disctionation, which means the weapons capable of providing a catastrophic catastrophe. This category includes radiological, biological and nuclear weapons. Of all these chemical weapons are the most used.

About this reason Pallava Bagla explains, “These Poor Mains are called Weapons, that is to make, maintain, and use chemical weapons, it is very easy to use. Are done. ”

“There is less use of biological weaponry and there is no mention of them at the time of war. On the other hand, nuclear weapons are very expensive and have been used only once, when the US dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. ”
Duma, controlled by the rebels, allegedly launched a rocket launched by the Syrian government forces
Knowledgeable states that the country with industrial potential can easily make chemical weapons. For example, chlorine gas, which has come to Syria for use on many occasions.

Science journalist Pallav Bagla about chlorine gas explains, “Chlorine is usually used very much, it is used in the water filtration plant, it is prepared on a large scale and transported to the cylinders. There is a common use in the world, it is very easy to use in the Kamilkal War. ”

100 Years of Chemical Weapons

The use of chemical substances as a modern weapon started 100 years ago. It started with chlorine, but in these 100 years, very deadly chemical weapons have been prepared.

Hamish De Bretan-Gordon, former Commander of the UK Chemical Biological and Nuclear Regiment, has a deep knowledge of chemical weapons and has lived in Syria as well. Regarding the history of Chemical Weapons, he told the BBC, “Chlorine was the first chemical weapon, it suffers, though its motive is to helpless people, but there are also deaths. This was first used in 1915. ”
In 1918 the British soldier was taken prisoner of French troops in the gas attack of German forces in the second battle of Marne
Gordon explains, “After this, mustard gas came, which made the wound on the body. Later, the Nazis created a nervous agent from pesticides, which killed many people, from 1984 to 1988, using the nervous agents in the Iran-Iraq war. The nervous system stops, and in Halbaza, Iraqi Kurdistan, 5000 people died in the same day. ”

Chemical weapons have also been used to spread panic. In 1995, members of Japan’s Om Shinariko community attacked Tokyo on most systems with a chemical substance such as sarin nervous gas, in which 13 passengers died and 54 were wounded.
During the Iran-Iraq war, thousands of people were killed in a single day in a chemical attack on the city of Halbaza.
Efforts to ban chemical weapons
Understanding the dangers of chemical weapons, in 1997, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) was formed, whose work is to work towards eliminating chemical weapons.

This organization works closely with the United Nations. Today, 192 countries are its members, including Syria. He made public the information about his chemical weapons, was destroyed and committed that he would neither prepare nor use chemical weapons. Then where are these weapons coming from?

Knowing the international affairs related to the Observer Research Foundation, Manoj Joshi explains that these weapons can be hidden.

He says, ”

If OPCW suspects that the member country has chemical weapons, then its investigators go and check it. Syria had not signed earlier this convention, whereas most of the countries had signed in the 90’s. ”
Joshi explains, “In 2013 when there was a chemical attack in Siege, Obama had threatened that we would attack the Syrian missile, then Russia had signed it on Syria’s say, Syria said of having 1000 chemical weapons. It is believed that he has hidden more weapons by lying. Chemical Weapons can be hidden. Different countries, who have signed the OPCW, have also kept arms, such as It is. ”

Manoj Joshi says, “It is also said that weapons hidden in Syria were carried out by the Islamic State and other rebel organizations when they were captured in various areas. There is also doubt that the recent attack in Duma A similar organization might try to defame the Syrian government. ”
What will happen to Syria?
If OPCW finds evidence of chemical attack in Duma and also proves that the Syrian government was behind it, what would happen?

International affairs expert Manoj Joshi tells about the borders of the United Nations, “International relations are from the United Nations.” OPCW will give information to the UN in this regard and the right to take action in this regard is the same. ”

“UN can take decision from banning to military action, but Russia and China are also in the Security Council, Russia is an ally of Syria, in such a way that it can use veto. No such action could be taken. ”

There are different agreements about non-use of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, and some countries have signed them, and some do not. Yet there is a worldwide consensus that in the event of war, these weapons are not to be used.

Regardless, its various countries have been using these weapons. Know that the use of chemical weapons is to be stopped, there is no other way than to boycott them with mutual consent

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