Bhima and Parashuram’s ‘Army’ will be on the road today

_100916685_8770dc59-8378-42b0-b936-61352cc89f1f.jpgOn Wednesday, April 18th the name of the rallies is going to be. On the one hand, the Dalit organization ‘Bhima Army’ is going to perform ‘silent’ protest in Delhi about the atrocities against the Dalits. At the same time, there will be several rallies across the country on the occasion of Parshuram Jayanti.

Rally on dalit rally and on the other side of the rally on the birth anniversary of Lord Vishnu’s Avatar Parasurama. There is a lot of difference between the two, but this is the same situation that had just happened a few days ago.
At the end of March, rallies were taken out in several cities on Ram Navami and nearly a week after that, the Dalit society had called off India on April 2. This was called against the alleged SAC-ST law to weaken the law. There was considerable violence during this bandh

Story of Bhima Army Chandrasekhar’s ‘helpless photo’

Bhim Army chief Chandrasekhar arrested

Why is Bhima opposing the army?

Bhima Army says that he is going to protest against the excesses made with the Dalits during the India bandh.

National president of the organization Vinay Ratan Singh told the news agency PTI that the Dalits who were arrested during the closing of the band were demonstrating the demand for their release.

Sanjiv Mathur, convenor of Bhim Army’s Defense Committee, told the BBC that he has three demands.

Dissatisfaction and the untimely stitching of BJP’s harmony

Who is fighting with Azad’s Bhima Army?

He said, “The first demand is that all those cases have been withdrawn during the closure of those who have taken false cases. The second demand is that the cases of rape have happened in the second place along with Kathua and the ruling leaders in them The third case is that Bhima Army founder Chandrashekhar and two other associates, who are lodged in jail under the NSA (National Security Act), are from jail. To. ”

It is worth mentioning that Bhima Army founder Chandrasekhar Azad ‘Ravana’ was arrested in June last year for inciting violence in Saharanpur (Uttar Pradesh) since then he is in jail.
After the burning of the Dalits in Shabirpur village of Saharanpur, the demonstrations of Dalits were performed in Saharanpur and a Rajput youth was killed in the violence. Chandrasekhar has been in jail since then.

Mathur says that the government Chandrashekhar has got bail from the High Court but the government has not been able to present the evidence against him. He said that the government has not followed the legal process for imposing NSA.

Rally on Parshuram Jayanti
After Ram Navami, Hanuman Jayanti, a rally will now be held on Parshuram Jayanti. Such posters have been found in many cities including Delhi.

When asked about the reason for taking a rally on Parshuram Jayanti, All India Brahmin Mahasangh president Govind Kulkarni says that this program has been organized because his ideal people are known.
He says, “There is a week’s program on Parshuram’s birth anniversary across Maharashtra, including lectures, rallies and gatherings.”

Rallies during Ram Navami saw a lot of violence in West Bengal and Bihar. Parashuram Jayanti too should not be able to do such situations, what is the precaution. On this, Kulkarni says that there are some incidents which are condemnable.

He said, “The workers have been trained how to deal with them, besides the full permission has been taken from the police. The entire city administration has got full permission.

‘Ravana’ who installed the board of ‘The Great Champar’

What would happen if Rajputs were replaced by Dalits and Muslims?

Who will be involved?
Bhim Army’s national president Vinay Ratan Singh, speaking to the BBC, says that the Dalits who are suffering during the violence on the stage of the program will remain the same.

He says that whoever wants to join us against these exploits, he came with them.

At the same time, Kulkarni says that the rally being carried out on Parshuram Jayanti can not be included only for Brahmin but whatever he wants.
Parashuram Jayanti and Bhima Army rally will be avoided by any uneasy situation when one day falls? National President Vinay Ratan on this question points out that if any wrong situation arises, then it will be for political reasons.

He says, “Someone’s festival is to celebrate its festival, but we are standing against exploitation.”

A rally on Parshuram Jayanti will be held in most of the cities of the country. At the same time, the Bhim Army rally is scheduled to be on the Parliament of Delhi.

Bhim Army will be able to raise the issue of Dalits by this rally, it will be able to know from the rally on Wednesday.

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