Why the sleep of Australia from war in Syria?

_100912268_gettyimages-660342552.jpgAustralia is with the United States on Syria crisis. He is opposing Bashar al-Assad and Russia’s role in Syria.

Although the United States, France and the United Kingdom fired a missile against the alleged chemical attack on Syria, Australia was the most scared.

Australia will also be hit by the crisis if there is an invasive attack on Syria.

Australia will be stuck in a severe energy crisis and its economy will subside. It is being said that for the first time after the Cold War, there is a situation of confrontation between Syria and Russia in the Western powers.

The Australian newspaper says that if Syria creates a war zone, then oil will end in Australia after 43 days.
Retired Vice-Marshal John Blackburn from The Australian said that the energy security of Australia will be in jeopardy with any kind of war in Syria. He said that Australia is completely dependent on the Middle East for the oils they need.

Blackburn said to The Australian, “We transport 91 percent of transportation fuel to Syria and there is no government store in Australia. We do not have any Plan B. Clearly, if there is war in Syria then our industry and economy will be stalled. ”

Blackburn said that the International Energy Agency has warned about Australia’s energy policy. The International Energy Agency also says that Australia has no Plan B to deal with the energy crisis. Blackburn says that within two weeks, the impact of oil crisis in Australia will begin to appear.

In the member countries of the International Energy Agency, Australia is the country with the least safe oil. It is being said that Australia should have safe energy for at least 90 days, while for 41 days only.
Last month, Australian Parliamentary Committee had given it a threat to national security. Even new energy policy is being sought in Australia.

Strategic experts say that the war in Syria will have a global supply of oil. The oil supply to the Gulf countries worldwide will be affected.

In Australia, oil gulf reefens from countries from China, Japan, Korea and Singapore. Blackburn says diesel and petrol will be eliminated in two weeks if there is a war in Syria

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