Which news brought the New York Times and the New Yorker to Pulitzer?

_100904847_dfd44472-5e03-4995-8f9d-69a2503d7bd7.jpgThe New York Times newspaper and The New Yorker magazine have been awarded this year’s Pulitzer Prize for reporting allegations of sexual harassment against Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein.

Many women and actresses have accused Harvey Weinstein of having a significant place in the film world as sexual harassment and rape charges.

Harvey Weinstein has been saying that he had sex with everyone at all times.

After investigating the allegations against Harvey Weinstein, a two-minute campaign was started across the world on social media, under which women shared experiences of sexual harassment incidents at workplaces and other places.

Pulitzer Prize is the most respected honor in American journalism.

investigative journalism
The Washington Post was awarded the award in the field of investigative journalism. These awards have been given to investigate allegations of sexual harassment that took place decades before the Senate candidate Roy Moore from Alabama. Republican candidate Roy Moore dismissed all accusations, but his election took a big hit and the Democrat party candidate won the election.

At the same time, the Washington Post and the New York Times have been given a shared prize for reporting on Russia’s alleged interference in the Presidential elections in 2016.
Reuters has also been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for photo journalism for Rohingya refugee crisis.
Pulitzer Administrator Dana Kennedy said that the New York Times team led by Jodie Kantor and Megan Tohey and Ronan Farro, who wrote for The New Yorker, “was a blaster and effective journalism that exposed rich and powerful sexual assailants.”

In October last year, New York Times and The New Yorker published reports related to Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment. After this, more than a hundred women had come out and accused of sexual harassment on Waynestein.

Afterwards, Winnstein had apologized for his behavior, but he had cleared that sex relations were made wisely. Weinstein was also excluded from his company.

Several lawsuits have been filed on 66-year-old Wynetine and police in London, New York and Los Angeles are investigating them.

On the other hand, Reuters has also been awarded for reporting war against the drugs of the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duette.

Pulitzer Prizes were started in the year 1917. More than 2400 applications were received this time

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