Where are the Muslims of Gujarat?



When Narendra Modi was Chief Minister of Gujarat, he used to contest the assembly elections from Maninagar. Maninagar was elected MLA, in 2002, 2007 and 2012. When you come to Maninagar and the popular scale of development it looks absolutely fit.

But going to the adjacent Muslim settlement Shah Alam, it seems that these citizens and the terrain belong to another country. Here women tell that water pipelines have gone from their locality but they do not get water. There is a pond in the same slum where some corpses were found in the 2002 riots.

Local journalists also accept the discrimination in development. The work of brooming here runs day and night. The broom is cleaned up, but the dirt in this settlement is not going to work in that dump.

There is a voting on December 14 and people of Shah Alam have no hope or expectation from the Congress, neither from the BJP. The husband of Kaykasha Pathan was killed by the police bullet in the 2002 riots. She says, “No matter what comes, no matter what.”

What does Gujarat want, BJP or change?

What is the truth of Modi’s ‘Gujarat model’?
Kahkasha Pathan (center)
Not represented in proportion to population

The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party has not even made any Muslim a candidate for this time.

From 1980 till 1998, BJP had given ticket to only one Muslim candidate. Congress has also given tickets to only 6 Muslims this time.

The Muslim population in Gujarat is 9.97 percent. If, according to the proportion of the population, at least 18 Muslims should be MLA, which has never happened.

In Gujarat, most of the 12 Muslim MLAs were elected in 1980. There are 25 assembly constituencies in the 182-seat assembly of Gujarat where Muslim voters are in good numbers. After being the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Muslims were not seen as minorities.

Modi did not even make minority department in the state. In the 2012 assembly elections, Muslim candidates got only 2.37 percent of the votes. What is a politically different isolation of Muslims?

BJP’s Shayna NC was asked to not give tickets to these Muslims, they said in the reply to the party’s slogan: ‘With all, everyone’s development.’

Achyut Yagnik, a well known political analyst of the state, says, “After the independence, there were many riots in Gujarat at regular intervals. After these riots, Muslims assumed that they were citizens of the double standards, on the other hand, those who are educated Muslims Interest is in business, it does not make any difference to any government. ”

Gujarat’s Muslims are alert on inflammatory statements!
A view of Maninagar
Gujarati Muslims divided into 87 communities
Many people believe that the political representation of the Muslims in Gujarat was reduced as the BJP grew up in the state as well. Achyut says that the sub castes among Muslims in Gujarat are more than UP and Kashmir. Here Muslims are divided into 87 communities. ‘

In 2010, BJP had given ticket to Muslims and won in the local body elections of Gujarat. 350 candidates of BJP candidates in the 2015 urban body elections

In 1985, Madhav Singh Solanki of the Congress had created the equation and it was also included in the Muslim community. The Congress has been dependent on securing the power of the state on Muslims. After all, what has happened now?

Kiran Desai, professor of Social Science Study Center at Surat, says, “It is clear from the attitude of the Congress in this election that they have to win elections in Gujarat in any way. That’s why Congress is working like BJP’s B team in Gujarat. ”

Desai says that in this election the Congress has made itself like BJP. He said, “Rahul Gandhi is walking in the temple-temple and the manner in which he is presenting himself, BJP has been trying to win the election, I do not even consider Congress to be a secular party, but still Muslims This time the Congress has completely turned the Muslims to the sideline. ”
A view of Muslim settlement Shah Alam
Why there is no young leader in Muslims

Apart from Ahmed Patel, no Muslim is in the parliament. In 2012 only two Muslims became MLAs.

The Bharatiya Janata Party gives tickets on the basis of caste equation, but on the question of Muslims, she says that she does not make the basis for giving tickets to religion.

Muslims are facing so much neglect in Gujarat, why no leadership is emerging from them? On this question, Kiran Desai says, “I also believe that there is no Jignesh Mewani and Hardik Patel emerging from among the Muslims, but there are concrete reasons behind this: they can not compare the number of Patidars to Muslims. Is rich and powerful. ”

Desai says, “Again, I think by comparing Muslims to Dalits, I think that a Jignesh Mewani could have been born, but this hope is also redundant. There is an ideology between Dalits and the Dalit movement in neighboring Gujarat Has a fertile tradition and has had an impact on the Dalits across the country. ”

He says, “That is why there is no surprise that leadership is coming here.” After the riots in Gujarat, Muslims have been reduced to single settlements, and trying to keep Muslims of Gujarat in any way themselves in this environment. Leave the point of leadership too. ”

When I build a dam, where do I go with the children? ‘

BJP MP shocked just ahead of Gujarat election

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