What is the case behind Gujarat?

_99217868_gettyimages-483061397.jpgGujarat claims that it is a successful state on the scale of development and this happened due to the economic policies of former Chief Minister Narendra Modi, who is currently the Prime Minister of India.

The fact is that the state’s economy had grown significantly in the era of Modi. It is not clear though that this happened by Modi’s policies. But when it comes to human development indices, it looks very far behind the other states.

The results of the Gujarat elections are going to come, and during the campaigning, the echo of development has also been well heard.

Given the Gujarat elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party also tried to remind the voters.

Prime Minister Narendra was the Chief Minister of Gujarat from 2001 to 2014.

At the time of his prime minister’s candidature, it was claimed that due to Modi’s policies, Gujarat was making the fastest development compared to any state. These policies were publicized by calling them ‘Modinomics’.

Development first ‘puffed up’ again became ‘religious’

Why is ‘development’ saffron at the end of the campaign in Gujarat?


Why did not the development of Gujarat go to this village?
Modi Business Friendly?
Modi wrote in a letter to the Gujarati voters, “There is no area in Gujarat where development is not happening.”

But is Gujarat really the fastest growing part of the country? And why is Mr. Modi himself?

In Modi’s rule, Gujarat invested heavily in infrastructure such as roads, energy and water supply.

According to the Ministry of Rural Development, between 2000 and 2012, the state completed nearly 3,000 rural road projects,

Apart from this, there is an increase of 41% per capita electricity available between 2004-05 and 2013-14.

Modi, on the other hand, eliminated Lal Fathashahi for the big companies like Ford, Suzuki and Tata to set up their plant in Gujarat.

And it wrote a popular story about Gujarat’s economic development. Between 2000 and 2010, the state’s GDP was 9.8 percent, while the average growth rate of the entire country was 7.7 percent.

According to an analysis by rating agency Crisil, in recent times, the manufacturing sector of Gujarat has developed rapidly.

Dharmakirti Joshi, Chief Economist, Crisil says that Modi’s ‘business friendly’ attitude has also helped.

… in Gujarat ‘development has gone crazy’!

After voting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi broke the code of conduct?
Gujarat ahead from all over the country
According to him, “The development of manufacturing in Gujarat is an indication that Modi helped the state by creating an atmosphere of better investment.”

But Dr. Nikita Sood, Professor of Oxford University, says that Modi’s credit for Gujarat’s prosperity does not go alone.

She says that ‘Gujarat has already had a stream of development.’

Historically, Gujarat has been the most industrialized state of India and strategically located on the west coast.

Sood says, “There has been a history of industry, trade and strong economic base.” Modi’s credit is simply that he did not destroy it, but he is not a parent. ”

Gujarat has developed under the leadership of Modi, but before that the state was complete.

The question is, did their policies really increase the growth of the state?

To prove this, between 2001 and 2014, it will be necessary to see the difference between the average growth rate of Gujarat and the whole country.

The London School of Economics Professor Maitreesh Ghatak and Dr. Sankrit Roy of Kings College of London investigate this.

Why does BJP miss the elections in the elections?

Is Prime Minister Narendra Modi completely white mushrooms?
Condition of human development index
Professor Ghatak says, “Evidence does not confirm that Modi had a decisive effect on economic performance of Gujarat.”

He says, “In Modi state, Gujarat’s agricultural growth rate, Modi was much more than East India.”

But this is not correct for the total GDP or manufacturing.

During the campaigning of Gujarat, a slogan became very popular – ‘Vikal has gone mad.’

It has become very popular among the marginalized people of the society who do not believe that prosperity has reached the lower levels of society.

And that’s because, when it comes to the human development index, Gujarat looks far behind from other rich states, whether it is unrestrained or education and health.

Gujarat is ranked 17th in the case of child mortality in 29 states of India. In the state, 33 children are killed on one thousand births, while in Kerala, Maharashtra and Punjab these numbers are 12, 21 and 23, respectively.

What is the truth of Modi’s ‘Gujarat model’?

How did Gandhi make Gujarat the laboratory of Hindutva?


Gujarat’s malnutrition victim despite development model
Down to fifth pedal
Even in the case of delivery-time deaths (MMS), Gujarat’s situation is not very good.

MMR shows the number of deaths of women in one lakh births.

In Gujarat, this number was 72 in 2013-14, which increased to 85 in 2015-16.

In Gujarat, weighing four children in less than five years of age are less than the average. Although the number has decreased over the last decade, Gujarat has the 25th place in 29 states on this scale.

Professor Ghatak warns that Gujarat’s industrial development is not reaching everyone.

According to them, “Unless the industry generates high employment generation and high salaries in the labor market or does not increase the expenditure on social welfare for the poor, the real development results will not be found.

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