What does Gujarat want, BJP or change?


In Gujarat, there is a corrosion between the continuity and change of assembly elections.

The Bharatiya Janata Party has been continuously hoping to win continuity after ruling for 22 years, while Congress party and its vice president Rahul Gandhi are trying to woo voters in the rally.

The 24-year-old young leader who led his party and Patidar movement in the elections, is supporting them in the appeal of this change, Hardik Patel. On the other hand, another young leader Jignesh Mewani is also contesting on the issue of change.

How much will the promotion of Rahul change the equation of Gujarat?

Will Amit Shah claim 150+ claims, BJP?
Public mood
Whether the victory will be of continuity or change, it depends on the mood of the people of Gujarat. Talk to ordinary people sitting in the café or interact with people in shops and markets, even then you can not reach this conclusion, whose win will be.

If there is a lot of consensus then only on the point that the match is harder than the last time.
Bhusan Bhat
According to the MLA Bhushan Bhat of Jamalpur constituency of Muslim-dominated constituency, the people of Gujarat are “satisfied” with the present government. “People are pleased with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP government, they are satisfied. They do not want change.”

Those who have anti-government opinion will also be found everywhere, but it is possible that despite being unhappy with the government, they should vote only for the BJP.

The argument of his party and the Prime Minister’s supporters is that people more than development believe in Modi.

What is the Congress looking at the power of power in Gujarat?

Gujarat’s ‘Khamoshi’ message for Modi?

Sign of change
Social workers Sufi Anwar Sheikh, Hardik Patel and Rahul Gandhi’s rallies are considered to be a sign of change.

When he got them, he was watching Facebook Live from Mehsana Rally on Hardy Patel on his phone.

They started saying, “Look, there are one lakh people in this rally. More people are coming from rallies in Modi’s rallies.”

He claims that Gujarat is standing at the threshold of change of society. According to him, one of the major reasons for this is: “The Hindutva which they captured all over India (Gujarat) was that the entire community was on one side and the Muslims were on one side. This time even polarization has happened but the BJP is on one side and everyone else Community on the other side. ”

This trio can increase the BJP’s problems

Gujarat’s Muslims are alert on inflammatory statements!

Mr. Modi, who is close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is now living his life of retirement, but he still has a deep look at the state and he is very active on social media.

They argue that more crowds in Hardik Patel’s rallies do not mean that they all will vote for them.

They say that the people of Gujarat are not leaving Modi’s side because people are satisfied with them.

He says, “People of Gujarat are only voting for continuity.” Some people may not be satisfied. Disgruntled feelings of some people can not be denied because as technology is growing, people’s Armaan Are also growing. ”

‘Why Pakistan wants to make Ahmed Patel Gujarat CM?’

Congress claims, attach to EVM Bluetooth
Talking to people also realized that the faith of the people on Prime Minister Modi is still not broken.

Shopkeeper Narendra Patel says, “The media says that the farmers are angry with Modi and the BJP government, the Dalits are angry and Patidar is angry. Despite this, votes will be cast in Modi’s name and will be cast on December 14.”

According to Sufi Anwar, the truth of BJP’s development story has come out and the public, especially young, are angry with them.

He says, “BJP is doing the same mistake which the Congress government had earlier done it.” People from the Congress government were bored, leaders like Modi and Shah brought a new kind of politics which the Congress could not understand. ”

He says, “Hardik Patel and Jignesh Mewani have brought a new state which the BJP is not able to recognize, it is against the claims of BJP.”

BJP in Gujarat collides with a fork

Development in Gujarat first became ‘paglaya’ then became ‘religious’

The ruling BJP has set a target of 150 seats out of a total of 182 seats in Gujarat. Last time it got 115 seats. Needing 92 seats is needed to form a government. Congress got 61 seats for the last time.

Many party MLAs believe that if Prime Minister Modi rallies in his constituency then his victory is sure. There is no noticeable disturbance from them in the rallies of Modi.

They are confident that the people of Gujarat do not want to change anymore. According to them people want continuity

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