‘ By oathing of the Quran poison given to us’

_94882144_gettyimages-617672212.jpgWill you burn his survivors? Will you also burn the absence of the participated girl? ‘

Leaving a home of a girl at her own will gives birth to many things. The story begins with raising the question on the character, ‘girl ran away’.

In the girls participating, so far you have read Vibhavari, Shivani, Geeta, Nazmin, Shabana, Deepika. Today is the turn of the eighth installment.

This story is from Tahira, a girl living in Khairpur, Sindh, Pakistan, who did not even make her identity card even after her identity card (Icard). But with Tahira, ‘Bhagga’ Kamaran went away somewhere in the way.

Though the heart may not meet, but the people of the people who wander in the way of those who run in the way, think of everything in both countries. Telling the story ahead of Tahira, who, by telling, he never laughs, and then suddenly cried.
Tahira aka subus
My name is Tahira. Do not go after the Kamaran and the sentences with me, why all started calling for this name. My real name is Subhash Tahira Jafri. Kamran used to say hello.

Kamran and I were neighbors, but the visit was on Facebook. We both spoke to each other on Facebook for six months.

On the way there used to be a visit to the school. Neighbors and family started to suspect us We both knew from the beginning that the family members would not be ready. My family members were rich, but Kamran’s house was supported by a shop.

I did not want to leave the house, but Kaman was not considered. If you do not come out of the house then you will be killed. Subhash, my family members will not let me stay here.
Dare I left the house. We both went quietly to Shah Dargah. Six days we stayed here. There was a lot of crowd there. We were very happy in the dargah. On the Day of Judgment people would come and dancing and dancing.

Used to say to Kamran that you also go dance He never danced. We used to drink tea on the trunk and laugh while watching the people who came in the diner, spraying them on the ground.
Everyday on Kamran Dargah, I used to drink five rupees (cold drink). And know that we did not even have the identity card of the two. But Kamran has merged the court with me with the help of an advocate Uncle. When I slept in the dargah, I used to live, and when he slept, I would have been alive. The fear was so steeped in us.

The money was ending. Dargah also seemed to be scared When Kamran contacted the family members, he said, “Come home, Subhash’s family members are threatening to break our house and raise daughter-in-law.”

I explained to Kamran that let me assume that my family members are not directly. My family swear by the Quran and said that they will not say anything. We returned home fearing it and believing.

We went to my house There were all the people of Abba, uncle, brother, Mama and Kamran. My family members were very powerful. Kamran was not speaking because of family fear.
Within half an hour of reaching home my uncle brought poison bottle from inside. The bottle was not removed from the slip. Uncle forced the bottle of poison in the mouth of both of us.

Baba did not say anything
I remember lightly. Kamaran had fallen after a while after poisoning. My eyes were also shutting down Thank Allah, do not know how, then the police raided. Both of us were raised

Four days later I sensed the hospital and Kamaran did not show up. My eyes started looking for Kamaran. Everyone said – that’s fine.

Meanwhile, Kamran could not come to meet me. The mind was irritated. I do not know who brought me to hell? I think the work will be done.

Kamaran was dead
I have not been to the Kamran’s grave till date. Now I live here in Kamaran. I thought now that something is going to be done so that, as with me, it should not be with anyone.

But where something changed. Even now there are news stories like my story in newspapers.

Many times I think that was my own fault. Should not have considered the work of Kamaran If I did not get out of the house everyday then it was all right. Kamaran stayed alive My father was not imprisoned. My father, who was not even poisoned Kamran. He just stayed quietly watching them.
Baba misses. There is talk to Mmmma and the brothers. First year’s form is filled. Paper will be on 28th April. What will happen next, that is the will and the will of Allah.

Kaman misses a lot. I do not know when will I go to the grave of Kamran?
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