Trump Unfit to lead the USA: Former FBI Chief

_100889453_america.jpgAmerica’s former FBI chief James Komi described President Donald Trump as ‘morally unfit to become America’s President’.

They also said that trumpets consider women to be ‘a piece of meat’. Komi was giving his first TV interview after being removed from the job last year.

They told the American Network ABC that trump is ‘someone who does not really have much value’.

Soon after this interview, there was also a reaction from President Trump. He accused James Komi of saying ‘a lot of lies’.

James Komi said in the 20/20 program of ABC Channel, “I do not believe that they are mentally unfit, or forgetting them are the initial symptoms of the disease.”

“I do not even think that they are unhealthy to become president but I believe that they are morally inept to become president

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