Those villages of Gujarat where all the millionaires are

_99220464_01The villages of South Asia are generally known for their raw houses, raw roads and backwardness. But there are dozens of villages in the state of Gujarat, which are called ‘villages of millions of villages’.

These villages are better than many cities at the very happy and prosperous level. This paradox can surprise somebody that the villagers have kept billions of rupees in the banks.

The village of Baldea is called the richest village of Gujarat in the Kach area – wide roads, large and beautiful houses introduce the prosperity of this village.

The beauty and prosperity here can lead to the confusion of being in a European village.

Property abroad too
Local journalist Govind Karai explains, “If you see two years’ data of eight banks, then they have deposited Rs 1.5 crore and in the post office, people have deposited more than five hundred crore rupees.”

The locals are locked in many houses of the village. Devji Vijodiya, a resident of the village, told that most of the residents here live abroad.

He says, “I am from Kenya, the two people sitting in front of us live in Britain, we have people’s house there and also here, we live here for two to three months a year, our children are abroad. Live. ”

Branches of nine banks in the village
There are several villages near Bhuj city which are called ‘village of millions of villages’. It is only a short distance from Baldia village Madhopur which is known for its prosperity far and wide. There are nine bank branches and dozens of ATMs are engaged in this village.

Khemji Jadav, a local farmer, told that most of the residents here are millionaires. He says, “All are rich, there are millionaires. People earn money out and bring money here.”

Most of the people living in the village belong to the Patel fraternity. Jadhav G. Garcia, a resident of Baldia village, owns a construction company. His family was first overseas. He explains that the ancestral profession is cultivated here. But today’s people are spread in many countries.

He says, “The people of this village are more in Africa, especially in Nairobi, some people are also living in Britain, too many people are in Seychelles, now Australia is also going.”

Older, more young
People have succeeded after working hard abroad for many years and earning wealth. Madhya Pradesh village chief Pramila Ben Arjun Pudia says that even after this people have maintained their relationship with the village.

She says, “People go with their families, earn money there, but in the end they come here only.”

In these villages, young people appear to be less and more elderly. A girl Priyanka told that most of the youth in the village are abroad.

She says, “My parents come here, now there are all kinds of facilities, money has come here too, so now some young people have started living here and are doing business right here.”

About a hundred years ago, the people here had turned to foreigners in search of business and a better life. From there, he returned with a better thinking and financial prosperity and then moved forward.

These prosperity is not limited to these villages only. Bhuj city of Gujarat is located approximately twenty kilometers from here, which is counted in the prosperous cities of India.

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