The Russian Foreign Minister gave the guarantee on Syria

_100896639_mediaitem100898872.jpgRussia has denied accusations of tampering with evidence at a suspected chemical attack site in Syria.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with BBC’s Hard Talk, “I can guarantee that Russia has not tampered with that place.”

Britain and the United States have accused Russia of helping Syrian government hide evidence of suspected chemical attack in Duma. International investigators have not been able to reach Duma town.

Russia has said that the site of suspected chemical attack in Syria can be inspected on Wednesday.

Putin’s Warning, Syrian attack again

America wants to leave Syria after attack
A child suffering a suspected chemical attack
The United States warned the international group monitoring chemical weapons that Russia could manipulate evidence at a suspected chemical attack site.

OPCW i.e. ‘Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons’ works for the destruction and prevention of chemical weapons worldwide.

US attacks on Syria will bend Assad?

How legitimate is the US missile attack on Syria?
OPCW says that its nine-member investigation team in Damascus, officials of Syria and Russia said that there are still some concerns about security that need to be removed.

When Duma had a suspected chemical attack on April 7, the rebels were in control there. Now there is control of the Syrian government and the Russian soldiers.

70 dead in ‘attack of poisonous gas’ in Syria

US ready to strike again if needed in Syria ‘

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