‘Shia’ Front of Iran against ‘Jewish’ Israel in Syria

_100906079_untitledcollage-1.jpgTensions have increased in Russia and the Western world after the attack by the United States and its friends in Syria.

The United States, Britain and France attacked this attack by placing chemical weapons on Syria and accusing it of using it.

Russia has always been a military and diplomatic ally of the Syrian government against the rebels.

But from the point of view of the Middle East region, there is another important force in Syria, Iran.

Ibrahim Khalili,  explains, “Iran has built military bases in Syria; thousands of pieces have been sent there as military advisers who recruited soldiers from other Muslim countries, provided training and arms.”
Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei called America, France and Britain a criminal
Iran’s help to Syria
Ibrahim Khalili says, “Although Iran does not recognize it officially but unofficially count its successes in Syria.”

He explains that Iran has also provided financial assistance of 10 to 15 million dollars as credit to the Asad government.

Along with this, it has been providing very cheap or free oil and technical support for Syrian power plants.

In this area, correspondent Matthew Price says that Iran is slowly raising its roots within Syria.
Russia and Iran are main ally of Syria
Syria and Iran close
The history of relations between the two countries starts in 1979 with the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

Bashir al-Assad’s father, Hafeez Al-Assad, was the first Arab leader to accept Iran as a new Islamic republic.

Although Sunni Muslims are more in Syria but the family of Asad is considered as Shia Muslims. Iran is also a great country in Shi’a.

Saudi Arabia is also a strong country with this relationship, which is a powerful country of Sunni Muslims. At the same time, Saudi Arabia considers Iran to be its competitor in the Saudi Middle East region.
The relationship between the two countries has been from the time of Al-Asad’s father.
Tactics against Israel
Although the civil war in Syria has increased the tension in Shi’a and Sunnis, Ibrahim Khalili believes that Iran’s strategy in Syria is not only religious but also geopolitical.

Ibrahim says that Iran has been fighting against Israel since 1979.

Even he has been refusing to recognize Israel, but both countries have come face to face at times.

Therefore Syria is also a front against Iran for Israel.

Official channels of Iran have condemned the attacks of USA, Britain and France and have said that these military actions took place after a week of propaganda with chemical weapons.

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei has called the leaders of these three countries as criminals.


USA, France and Britain start bombing on different government bases in Syria on Saturday morning
‘Iran for good in Syria’
Professor Mohamed Morandi of Tehran University says, “Iran has no doubt that the Syrian government has not made any chemical attack. Iran does not even suspect that America, Britain and France know this.”

Morandi, who is closely related to the Iranian government, argues that Iran has joined Syria since 2013 only when thousands of foreign fighters and extremists were already destabilizing Syria.

According to him, Iran is increasing its influence and presence in Syria for its good.

“If Syrian, due to these foreign fighters and extremists, who give money to the West and foreign forces, would have been ruined, neither would Syria exist today and probably would not be Iraq and probably not Lebanon.”

He further says, “Iran will remain in Syria until the country leaves the clutches of extremists and does not come to the Syrian government.”

But this is not the case with Israel.
Iran’s goal has been against Israel
Iran does not wait for enemies
“The Shi’as influence is also from Iran to Lebanon and even Sunni-dominated populations, today the situation has created a strategic threat, especially for Israel,” said Dan Dyker of the Center for Human Rights, BBC. ”

“Israeli defense officials and military strategists know that Iran wants to dominate its Middle East.”

Western intelligence experts told the BBC in November 2017 that Iran, despite the warning of Prime Minister Netanyahu, is building a permanent military base in Syria.

At that time, Prime Minister Netanyahu had said that Israel would not let this happen.

Although Israel does not confirm this, the Israeli fighter planes have targeted several Syrian targets in the last few months.

Shia-Sunni conflict is due to the devastation in Syria?

How legitimate is the US missile attack on Syria?

The US and Russia are aiming at the violence in Syria
Chairman of Iran’s Foreign Affairs Committee, visiting Aleppo town
Geopolitical interest
Recently, on April 9, an incident took place when Syria told that it was attacked at its military airport, in which 14 people died.

Some of these were also soldiers of Iran. Editor Ibrahim Khalili believes that these people were killed by the martyr

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