Satire: A Brainstorm on Kurukshetra Surgical Strike!

_100921035_mahabharata1.jpgPeriod: 8th and 9th century BC

Place: Kurukshetra Plain

Time: 6:30 p.m.

On the two ends of the battlefield there are camps of Kauravas and Pandavas.

Landmines have been spread around camps and guards with semi-automatic guns are on the towers.
Kurus Camp
Brainstorm continues on a proposed surgical strike.

Bhishma’s father-in-law, finger-banging on the iPad: “From the latest GPS photos, Pandav will attack the southern end of our army this afternoon. We should immediately activate the thermal imaging device and prepare laser missiles.”

Guru Drona pointed out from his Android mobile: “My informant in the army of Pandavas, I have tweeted with unknown handles that today Arjun and Abhimanyu may not fight, they have received Netflix subscription late and ‘Saving Private Ryan ‘,’ Platoon ‘and’ Dunkirk ‘movies. ”

Guru Kripacharya was sitting beside the internet and listening to the speech of Kim Jong-uni on the LCD screen: “Twitter remains hacked so I do not believe in it. My news has just watched photos and videos of Pandavas’ camps Those who point out to a nervous agent attack, I think we should wait for the darkness, as soon as the night of the two Marines, Black-Hawk helicopters Take off. Live transmission from VPN Technology will also continue. ”

The invention of the internet was in the Mahabharata period
Maharani Karan has been a bit late in the brainstorm: “Sorry, Jim’s treadmill timer was bad. By the way, I just saw the war footage in Syria yesterday, it looks like the chemical weapons have been in fashion again. Do you know, Arjun? That’s the break of Gondiv too. ”

Rajkumadu: The government is watching the “sister-in-law at home” on TV: “You guys are respected and I am Anuj Just say a request that the surgical strike be settled before the evening seven. Tonight Night Show is a DJ Pearl Show I Can not Miss The question is of the plan, so I sent two simulation simulations of PDF files to in the morning.

Rajkumar Duryodhana, meanwhile, was watching a Facebook book: “Whatever decision is, send me to the powerpoint immediately, along with 3D photos of the Pandav army too.” Bahral, ​​I am very angry on the optical fiber network, which is here in Kurukshetra to 3G I have not been able to do this for a long time since my father Dhritarashtra and Mata Gandhari, but I did not see it. Sanjay Sitting next to him in Hastinapur Ray is on the phone, broadband is running in good speed. ”

What can you learn from the Mahabharata

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