‘Rohingya refugee family first return to Myanmar’

_100888247_cbd8d915-0a27-4ccb-8b79-aa4494ce8740.jpgMyanmar says that the first Rohingya refugee family has returned from Bangladesh. This has happened when the United Nations has warned that Rohingya refugees returning to Myanmar is not free from danger.

In August last year, about seven lakh Rohingyas from Myanmar had taken refuge in Bangladesh after crossing the border to avoid the barbaric military campaign.


The girls in the Rohingya camps are being pushed into the business
The United Nations alleges that Myanmar wanted to wrest the Rohingyas ‘ethnic cleansing’, but Myanmar denies this accusation.


Myanmar says that a five-member Rohingya family has returned from Bangladesh on Saturday, which has been given identity cards.

Myanmar has confirmed that after the crisis began, this is the first group of Rohingya whose return has returned.

‘I did not know that I would rap’

What is the ultimate root of the Rohingya Muslim crisis?

‘Rohingya is making a Facebook book for Muslims’
The government of Myanmar says that it is conducting a fair campaign against the Rohingya militants in the Hariyan province.

A Myanmar court has also sentenced seven soldiers, who were involved in the killing of 10 Rohingyas, in jail.

Rohingyas have been saying that rape and violence have been taking place in Myanmar, their villages are burnt.

Most Rohingya minorities in Myanmar are Muslims who are not seen as civilians but as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

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