Putin’s Warning, if America again attacked Syria, it would have been bark

_100890076__100889188_gettyimages-154214223On the issue of Syria, the game of ‘Tu-Tu-i-Me’ between the USA and Russia is not stopped.

President Putin warned on Sunday that if the US again took any military action in Syria then there would definitely be a rift in the world.

On Saturday after the chemical attack in Duma, USA, France and Britain had bombed the Syrian government’s three bases in a joint military action.

Although Russia had earlier criticized the action in its official statement, but it is for the first time that Putin himself warned the United States of taking further action on Syria.
Bashar al-Assad government
The statement issued by the Russian President’s Office said, “Vladimir Putin stressed that if this kind of action was taken in violation of the charter of the United Nations, then there would definitely be anarchy in international relations.”

According to the statement, the phone was discussed between Putin and Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, and both leaders believe that after the attack on Syria on Saturday, the political solution to Syria’s conflict has caused considerable harm to the scope of the political solution.

After military action in Damascus and Holmes in Syria, the United States is now trying to put pressure on Syrian Bashar al-Assad government after another.

On Sunday, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nicky Haley said that the US will take action to impose financial sanctions against Russian companies which are related to the Syrian government.


USA, France and Britain start bombing on different government bases in Syria on Saturday morning
Russia ready for sanctions
Russia, who failed to get the resolution condemned by the United Russia on the attack in Syria, is protesting against this new US action.

In an interview to American TV channel CBS, Nicky Haley said that the US will impose financial sanctions on Russian companies on Monday, which was helping the Syrian government’s alleged chemical attack.

Responding to this statement in the upper house of the Russian Parliament, Deputy Director of the Defense Committee, Evgeny Srebrennikov said that Russia is also ready for these restrictions.

According to the official news agency RIA, he said in his official statement, “The restrictions will be tough for us, but more than us, they will harm America and Europe.”

In response to a alleged chemical attack in Duma city on April 7, USA, France and Britain on Saturday banned 105 missiles in some military installations in Syria. The United States believes that these sites are the center of the Syrian government’s chemical weapons.
New dangers
All three countries consider the Al-Assad regime responsible for this chemical attack.

According to many eyewitnesses and human rights organizations, dozens of people died in this attack.

The Syrian government and its allies Russia and Iran have dismissed these accusations as a conspiracy of the West.

Before this attack, Russia had threatened that if the United States attacks Syria, war can start.

Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzia had said last week that if the US attacks Syria, then the fear of war between Russia and the United States can not be ruled out.


Why did Israel attack Syria?
Russia and Iran
Eventually Trump did a military action in Syria, but the reaction of Russia to Russia was limited to condemnation only till Sunday, and it was trying that the United Nations Security Council also condemned it.

However, the United States cleared that action was taken in Syria in such a way that neither Russia nor Iran’s troops were harmed there.

Concerned about this attack, the UK said that Russia was not warned before this bombing, while France later said that Russia had previously been told.

According to the Syrian government channel, Syria had already been evacuated those centers many days before bombardment with Russia’s information.

After the alleged chemical attack, American President Donald Trump had said that not only Syria but Russia and Iran would have to pay the price of breaking international rules.
According to many eyewitnesses and human rights organizations, dozens of people were killed in the alleged chemical attack on Duma
Is this a new Cold War?
Many experts believe that after the bombing, between Russia and the USA, there will now be a competition at the level of international relations.

Rather, since last week, the United Nations Security Council remains an arch country for Syrian supporters and critics.

In the Friday session, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guttres believed that the dispute between the countries involved in the Syrian war, is currently the biggest threat to global security and peace. They call this situation a new Cold War.

“If there is no access to any agreement for increasing tension and responsibility, the risk of increasing military attacks has increased.”

Gutres also said that this new Cold War also shows that the options which existed decades ago to deal with such hazards, are no longer there, and therefore they have the responsibility of taking responsibility from the countries in this risk situation Say

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