President Bashar al-Assad will bend from US attacks on Syria?

_100890931__100851849_5b524613-2f6d-4e12-83cb-30f423ea9627This was a major attack from the attacks carried out over a year ago in Syria. Instead of one, three were on target targets.

The last time the Syriaalone took action to attack Syria, this time France and Britain were with him.

The last time Missile had been tipped on Syrian bases, this time more than twice the number of tainted. Overall this time some more than 120 fired.

But despite all this, the basic question is still waiting for its answer. Has this America achieved its intended purpose?

As the Americans were saying that after their attack President Bashar al-Assad would avoid using chemical weapons.
After the air strikes, Syrian people waving Iran, Russia and the flag of their country
Asad’s victory
The series of Syrian disasters that started in the last April-April is not visible at the moment.

But two basic changes can be seen in Syria’s situation. The first thing is that President Assad’s government has won its fight effectively.

And secondly, the advantages of the strategy of showing fear to ordinary citizens of Syria have begun.

Although the government of Assad does not rule over entire Syria, due to the support of Russia and Iran, nobody is in a position to challenge him in reality.

Yes, because of lack of government machinery, equipment and power, Assad is not able to expand its control over Syria and make it difficult.


USA, France and Britain start bombing on different government bases in Syria on Saturday morning
Russia and Syria
One aspect of this is that the relations between USA and Russia have been spoiled.

Particularly Russia’s relationship with the West has worsened to some extent that some people are also seeing it as a tragedy of the new Cold War.

Perhaps this is the reason why Trump wants to show an eye on Assad’s government by attacking Syria and on the other hand, American action will be seen in a similar way.

Will Syria bend or stoop?

Under the cover of the people’s support, will President Asad avoid the responsibilities of reconsidering Syria’s situation?

Russia may say anything, but it is possible that Assad has spoken in the stringent words on this issue? If they do this then will it have any effect or not?
Stroke of trump
After looking at this whole incident from America, I saw intricacies in it and, in many respects, it seems worrying too.

It seems that the Trump administration does not have any obvious stance on Syria’s issue. On one hand, President Trump himself is surrounded by many problems on the domestic front itself.

His past often comes back to bother him. Many times it seems that they will attack the American justice system instead of Assad.

Last week, when the world was worried about what Trump is going to do with Syria, the American media is focusing on the problems of Trump leaving everything.

Before the attack on Syria, the way the trumpets were playing, it seemed that the scale of the attack was going to be very big. But this has not happened in reality.


Preparation of the attack in Syria
Chemical weapon
What do you mean by Russia and Syria? It is known that the United States has made every effort to avoid harming the common people and other countries.

Here are the other countries from Russia. According to the three US targets that Russia chose to attack, there were bases of chemical weapons.

But the other side of this is that those bases were also made to the polls so that the possibility of double-decker damage could be kept to a minimum.

After the attack, it was told by the US Army that the press has a list of other targets, but they are not being attacked.

The message was clear that if Assad’s regime would use chemical weapons again, then there would be further attacks on Syria.
A blast scene in Damascus sky at night
Syrian conflict
Chemical weapons have been used in Syria several times since April last year. Usually it contains chlorine gas.

But the US strikes in April this year after April. What does that mean?

It is now expected that President Asad will change his ways. But looking at the big pane, the picture of Syrian conflict seems to be growing.

The barbaric war continued in Syria is not going to end. Barrels of bombs, tanks and bullets … These are weapons that are causing harm to life in Syria.

Not chemical weapons. But in spite of this, Western nations started military action on Syria on the issue of chemical weapons.
The US Defense Minister had addressed the media shortly after the attack on Syria
Fear of West Country
There are some historical and cultural reasons behind the fear of the West about chemical weapons.

They were used in the First World War and this is the reason that the western countries are afraid of it.

The treaty banning chemical weapons is a major international disarmament agreement.

One big question is what will the latest attack on Syria change in reality? Will the Syrian conflict end? Unfortunately, the answer is no, no.

Some time ago Trump had talked about removing US troops from Syria.

A few days later, he warned of large military action on Syria.


Syrian suspicion in Syria
Thinking Strategy
The attitude of Trump Pansari on Syria has been largely turbulent, and there is no uniformity in it.

There is no doubt that there is lack of a well-thought-out strategy to end the ongoing war in Syria.

In favor of US troops deployed in Syria, it is argued that it will give strength to their local allies like Kurdish fighters.

In fact, they have been kept there so that the rule of Assad and its friendly country can be dealt with Iran.

It is also interesting that the Trump administration has so far only kept its stand on Iran’s issue.


Why did Israel attack Syria?
Syrian problems
But this also does not help in understanding the American policy.

After Syria’s attack, President Trump insisted in his statement that his intention was not to stay in Syria for eternity.

The hope of trump is understood. They want the other countries to take up this responsibility together and the US will get rid of it. But who will be the country, it is not decided.

The US statement indicates the geographic conditions and problems of Syria, and this also means that the United States hardly wants to stay there for a long time.

If America is giving similar indication, why should Russia be worried?
Roll of Russia
Russia has established himself as a major player in the Middle East by giving political and military support to Bashar Al-Assad’s government in Syria.

Russia also warned the United States not to attack Syria. But what will Russia do after this attack?

Russia will ignore American sanctions in Syria for the time being. He is not going to fight any fight with the United States on this issue.

Such fears have proved to be far-fetched, except for some extraordinary cases.

Referring to Russia’s counter-reaction, the US Defense Minister said, “The power related to the government of Assad will run the campaign of spreading false information in the days to come.”
Battle of notifications
But it seems that this game has started with Russia. Russia has presence in places where chemical attacks are said to be in Syria.

This is the same Russian that western countries have attributed to Eastern Russian spy Sergey Scripol for poisoning and trying to kill.

This is the same Russians that they accuse that they have tried to influence the US elections. President Putin’s Russia only captured parts of Ukraine.

The list of such stories is very long. The fight to spread false information has started. This whole episode is also being presented as a return to a new Cold War.

Even if this is not a threat to the war of nuclear weapons, but Russia can also take on bigger risks that it has never done in the past

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