Pope’s training in witchcraft

_100906074_exorcism4.pngOn the huge demand of the Catholic community around the world, the Vatican has opened its doors for an annual year of witchcraft.

250 pastor magicians from around 50 countries are turning to Rome to learn.

This course involves identifying the satanic forces, listening to the experiences of the clergy and learning the ritual of getting rid of the ghosts.

Exorcism has been quite controversial because of its portrayal of magic and movies in general.

Apart from this, there have been reports of misuse in many religious denominations.

The name of this course, which is a week long, is entitled ‘Entitled Exorcism and the Prayer of Liberation.’ This course started in 2005. Its fees are around Rs 24,000.

In the course, the religious, psychological and anthropological aspects of magic are emphasized.
Why is growing demand
Catholics from many countries say that they have an increasing number of people complaining of being in control of the ghost.

According to an estimate, about five million people take the help of magic every year in Italy.

A Christian think tank Thios said in 2017 that it is increasing its trend in the UK.

Gary Thomas is an American pastor who claims to help people by spell-wielding for the last 12 years.

They say that superstitions and worms are increasing due to the decline in Christianity.

An Italian pastor named Benino Palilla told Vatican news that the demand for witchcraft has also increased due to the increasing trend of tarrot cards without any reason.

So how is the control of the phantom removed from someone’s body?

In this process, some special prayers through which the name of Jesus Christ is called to leave the body.
When are the pastor ghosts ghosts?
In 1999, for the first time in about 400 of the Catholic Church, it was the first time to update the rules of conspiracy.

In these rules, the effect of the demons and the physiological / psychological disorders were separated.

This is done with priests like Father Thomas, a team of Catholic doctors, psychologists and psychiatric physicians.

He says that magic is the last weapon in any treatment.
How are ghosts ghosts
According to Catholic Dot ORG, the clergy have to wear specialty clothes for this. White chonga and purple stol

The person on whom the ghost of the ghost can be tied can be made and holy water can be used on it.

The pastor will mark the cross in the process of exorcism several times on the victim.

In this, the priest will meditate and pray for the saints of Christianity, recite the Bible passages from which the Messiah had cast out Satan from among the people.

The priest, in the name of Christ, asks the person present in the victim to surrender to God and go away.

When the pastor will believe that the process of witchcraft is effective, then he will pray to God to save the victim from such a problem in the future.
What is the objection on this?
The methods of witchcraft are criticized around the world. This concern is expressed that it is used on children in many religious customs.

Many times people also die during the occultation. Poor treatment of patients with weakness, epilepsy or insanity may be in danger.

If the symptoms of people suffering from these diseases are considered as a super natural thing, then it is possible that they should not be treated

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