Photos from which your eyes will not move

The Association of Photographers is celebrating its 50th Foundation Day. Photo exhibition has been organized on this occasion, in which excellent photos have been installed.

_100918549_c692d486-c7c6-4e05-b92d-4adb765a4824.jpgRORY CARNEGIE
This photo was taken by Rory Carnegie in the year 2013. This was the fourth child of Rhino, born in the open Cotswold Wild Life Park in 1970, named Alan.

_100918551_fd5483f3-e92f-4b77-9869-1bc725504a83BARRY LATEGAN
This photo belongs to the world’s first supermodel Twiggy, which was captured by Barry Lettigen in his camera.

_100918834_bc012f75-7994-40df-8888-f132fac4b4f6.jpgANDERSON & LOW
Photographer Jonathan Anderson and Edwin Lo joined the National Danish Gymnastic team from 1998 to 2002. They photographed the image on Earth, Fire, Water and Sky theme.

_100918835_ac755c53-488a-4bef-8db0-3f63f0e721a5.jpgJILLIAN EDELSTEIN
This picture of Nelson Mandela was taken by Jillian Adelstein in 1997. They captured South Africa in the camera for four years.

_100918836_84cf67d3-d324-4b4c-a737-4a0d0f24c533.jpgADAM WOOLFITT
Whale is slaughtered under a tradition in the Faroe Islands. This photo was taken by Adam Wolff in 1996, which was published in National Geographic.

_100918837_96760d17-809c-4e59-b821-c07fcec18b3f.jpgPAUL WAKEFIELD
Paul Wakefield was imprisoned in 2011 by his father Abraham Lake in his camera.

_100918838_888ad857-f0f3-4fdd-a3d9-0f536f8c0ce0.jpgALAN BROOKING
This picture of Alan Brooking used ‘The Pregnant Man’ was used in 1970 in an advertisement of the Family Planning Association. Aid was intended to make people aware of contraception measures.

_100918839_55e0012b-d4e2-41ef-be14-e1d2d8814709.jpgTIM FLACH
Tim Fatch captured the snapshot of the monkey in the camera’s lens.

_100918840_d04a27b6-6886-441e-b7d6-02d44c921a9a.jpgTESSA TRAEGER
This photo was taken by British photographer Tessa Tragger. She is known for food photography.

_100918842_37c0252d-1238-4da7-aded-db4e98204b61TOM MURRAY
Tom Murray, the photographer of the Royal Family, was the youngest photographer. In 1969 he took this picture of Princess Margaret, Lord Snowdon and his children David and Sarah

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