#first Period: Why do these girls often go to toilet?

_96799033_womenhealthgetty2.jpgWhich is the stomach pain that occurs every month? Man, what do these girls carry from a drug store to black foil?

Why do they feel so urine? Why sometimes parents refuse to give pickle? Nowadays the sister’s mind is not right, she is angry at everything.

If you are a boy, then many such questions have troubled you for a long time. There will be questions raised in the mind, but the name of the answer may have got reprimand.

The first experience of menstruation for girls, where painful, is shocking about its own body, while for boys, it is not less than any secret.

Last week we asked  to share with us the experience of girls on their first menstrual cycle.

This week we asked the boys how they came to know about Periods. How do they know that girls use sanitary pads?

#PehlaPeriod: ‘It seemed that periods of the girl’s character are bad’

#PehlaPeriod: ‘I thought I had become a victim of some major disease’

The grandmother said, the mother has touched the crow
Most of my class boys used to make fun of this. There were no friends who used to say that it would have been a period.

Once my friend did not come for 3-4 days, I asked him by phone and said that ‘pain due to that’ is happening.

Then it became known that class boys make fun of this problem of girls.

But it was also said that if this problem happened to me then how would I tell my parents?

#PehlaPeriod: ‘The sketch from the bag reached the hiding house’

Apply only when the month has happened …

‘My sister tells Periods good days’
For the first time, Whisper’s ad was seen carefully. After going to Papa and asked what sin is Papa, Papa spoke rudely, you do not mean anything.

That time was in the sixth class. Then asked a girl from her class, but she went and complained to the teacher.

The teacher called in the staff room and asked, what were you asking for wisdom? I said, watched on TV then asked. Then he explained.

I asked why I did not, I said, focus on studies, watch TV less and I came out of the staff room.

#PehlaPeriod: Son’s hands, girls ‘diapers’

#PehlaPeriod: ‘When told to Papa, he went to zip’

Ramanuj Dubey
I was traveling by train. With me a gentleman of 40-45 years was also in the train. He had his daughter along with him too.

Soon after the train ran, her daughter said something in her father’s ears.

After that he went to the washroom and returned, his father rolled the blanket on the middle berth.

After a while he was going to the bathroom then I saw blood stains on his jeans. I could not do anything.

A woman came in our compartment on the next station. After a while I told them all the things after which they helped the girl.

This was the first period of the girl. While he was scared, his father did not understand anything

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