#first Period: ‘When told to father, he went to zip’

_96674769_0f41d93e-27cb-4c36-8ee3-1ab99ea73794.jpgHow does it feel when a child of 10-12 years sees blood stains on their frock? How much do you understand about it?

Washing, drying, using the bleed-out clotting cloth from the woven angle, hide it next in the newspaper and hide it in the bathroom … How do these experiences happen?

Why should I stay in that hut in the menstruation?

To learn this we asked women to share their first menstrual experience. In the first installment of this series, shares her experience with her first period, Prem Jha and Nutan Sharma.

Preeti Jha’s Zubani

My experience of the first period is such that anyone should be laughing. But I feel angry. Because it happened due to lack of knowledge and understanding of the mother.

I did not tell anyone when I was in Period for the first time. I was very scared
Preeti Jha
After two full days, I told my family in front of me, “Papa, now I will not survive because my blood is coming with urine.”

Dad heard this and went away from there. Then the mother sent her with me and sister explained in detail.
Nutan Sharma’s Zubani

I was in the 9th class when the Periods came for the first time. Since I had information already I did not panic. At that time I had to perform dance at the Indira Awards. Then there was a lot of bleeding and the clothes became dirty.
Nutan Sharma
I was fired from that dance because I was not able to perform well and when I asked, I could not explain why.

She was too small and careless too, she had a very bad experience. There was a lot of struggle, it still has to be done today.

While going to the metro, I have often cried because of pain and trouble. There is still trouble, I still get dirty clothes.

Someone will see it, it is fuzzy to take tension on this matter, but society is like that.

Niru Sisodiya’s reply

At that time I was 12 years old, I came to understand a little bit but what really happened was not known.

Mummy explained how to wear cloth and what to do (in villages still use cloths).

Often the cloth was shaken from its place and used to take blood. So Mummy dressed the cloth with panties. Every time a sewing had to be broken to wash the cloth.

And came from somewhere in the mind that those who do not have periods, they do not have a son. I told Mommy that I do not want a son, why are the periods coming? Then thought that the urus is only to be removed.

Blood flowed too much and for eight days the ‘program’ was going on and returned twenty days later. A lot of crying was done in the phantom, and gradually understood that it was a part of life. Hate too much, you will not be able to run away from it

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