#first Period: Son’s hands, girls ‘diapers’

_96675069_3828bbfd-5e9a-4a1e-b814-b77e6a80a1f1.jpgBased on menstrual series, I am telling my experience in the second installment of #PehlaPeriod.

I was 10 years old, when the first time came Periods. Shortly when the girls’ periods come from that age.

I went to aunt’s house with my sisters when I saw blood in the bathroom.

Auntie said holding the cotton in his hand, there is no question of being disturbed, all the girls have a time.

I took ‘once’ in literal sense. It was not far from the fear that it was an incoming month every month.

The days of suicide began to arrive

#PehlaPeriod: ‘When told to Papa, he went to zip’
Shilpi Jha
When you reach home and tell your mother and grandmother then shock like them. ‘so early?’ They both spoke together.

That day changed not only the body and mind but also the relationship for me. I was very close to my grandfather, used to share everything with him.

The next day was also lying on the bed with him when he asked, “did you eat something upside down – did the stomach get worse?”

I was shocked, and then found out that they were confused with my stomach ache and grandmother. I just wanted to join ya yes

Such untold dialogues and rules were established which were to be followed silently.

I was one of the longest girls in my class, the length of the length also stopped.
Craftsman with his children
A few months later I had to go to the hostel. In our generation, there was so much lack of sensitivity in the minds of the girls that in the girls’ hostels, I became a joke.

In pain, the hostel’s nurse also looked at Hikrat’s eyes. Due to excess bleeding, it had to come home almost every month.

After a short time the problem of blood clots became difficult. The pain increased very much.

Once Grandpa became disturbed, he took me to a well-known surgeon. They have done many types of tests.

Knowing that nothing was going to happen in any of the four days, it would be all natural, I used to do all, because neither I, neither the mother nor the grandmother could say in front of grandfather that the real cause of pain is.

After several days, when nothing went out, Dadaji himself asked one day, “Brothers are asking that there is no pain in the periods?”
This time, before the mother and grandmother, I spoke out loud, “Yes it is.” Grandpa quietly went out.

It is so shy about a common biological process, and the dilemma increases the mental distress of the girls so much that the pain of the body is small in front of them.

That too when I grew up in a relatively open environment.

Staying in the hostel became normal for me as well when all the girls’ periods started coming.

Those days ‘Whisper’ and ‘Stayfree’ were luxury. By the way, the name ‘whisper’ is objectionable, which should be boycotted.

Whisper means whispering or talking in a very slow voice.

That’s why the name somewhere assures the notion that it should be whispered about the periods, not openly.
When the pads come in the buying position, then they get packed from the medical store in the paper and then in the black polyethylene.

It was a ridiculous situation because it was known from a distance that there would be nothing other than a pad inside the black foil.

For the first time in the US, picking a pad inside the shopping cart when picking up a shelf, I felt a different kind of freedom.

Black Polythene has never come home since then, not even in India. The frustration of childhood came out in such a way that with my husband, I spoke openly about Periods.

Do not go to the temple, do not even enter the kitchen, such as dhosles.

Now the daughter is in that age when she will have to undergo this experience. But he is ready, we talk openly about this.

Not only me, he also asks about his father with ease. In fact, the biological process of Periods was understood by his father.

Its purpose is to remove all the shyness associated with periods in your home, all the hesitation.
There is a lot more beauty than that that his twin brother also knows about periods.

A few months ago, there was a workshop in his school where the boys and girls were told about physical changes in the coming time.

Son came from the school and told how the girls’ diapers were handed over to them. He knows that in those days girls suffer and they have to be treated with restraint.

Although that time is still far away, instead of ‘those days’ the word ‘periods’ can be pronounced without hesitation.


How does it feel when a child appears to have blood stains on his frock? How much do you understand about it?

Washing, drying, using the bleed-out clotting cloth from the woven angle, hide it next in the newspaper and hide it in the bathroom … How do these experiences happen?

To understand this, women in this series are sharing their first experience of menstruation

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