#first Period: ‘It seemed that periods of the girl’s character are bad’


In the #PehlaPeriod series, we have shared the experience of women with you so far.
During this time, the girls told how their father was shocked to hear about the Periods or how his brother felt that he was making excuses for stomachache.

So at the end of the series we are presenting some experiences of men. For instance, what is their perception about menstruation and how they came to know about it.

#PehlaPeriod: ‘I thought I had become a victim of some major disease’

The grandmother said, the mother has touched the crow

Ravi gupta
At first I did not know what the periods really meant. Whenever the matter was over the period in school, the boys together always made fun of girls.

Ravi gupta
Even after listening to their words, it seemed to me that this meant something dirty.

Despite being a boy of Delhi, even for me to hear about a girl that she was getting a period, she used to force her to take a finger.

The reason for relabeling a bad character was not to know about it. Perhaps there may be a reason for not having a single girl friend in school life.

Also, I would like to say that till now my family members have not talked to me about this.

Once I had seen in the house that Mummy had given her something wrapped in paper and she went straight to the bathroom.

I did not ask, but I understood that there is something. I still remember, a friend of mine said seeing a girl’s move and saying that it was getting premiades.

#PehlaPeriod: ‘The sketch from the bag reached the hiding house’

Apply only when the month has happened …

Well, I told the real meaning of period a friend of mine only. She once told me, “Ravi, man, I am having periods.”

When I heard this, I had laughed in front of him. Then he was roaming with anger and said, “You know what the period is?”

Less knowledge and experience scared me. On answering my name, he explained to me what the period is, why it happens and how much it hurts.

‘My sister tells Periods good days’

#PehlaPeriod: Son’s hands, girls ‘diapers’

I am from Delhi and due to being urban we consider ourselves as advocates.

Even in this so-called Advance culture, even today, boys like us tighten the periods.

If a girl starts to talk about it openly, then she considers it an open offer. Unless these issues are to be spoken openly, it is difficult to change the situation.

Abhishek patel
I know about the periods in graduation. A friend of mine told me the same.
Abhishek patel
For some days his behavior changed, he used to get angry and became irritated too,

It seemed strange before but it became sensitive after some time. It is very painful during periods. I always ask him the same question, how do you tolerate so much pain?

Never talked about it at my house. During my periods my mother still does not go to the kitchen and there is a lack of awareness about sanitary napkins.

#PehlaPeriod: ‘When told to Papa, he went to zip’

‘Hyundai Lei’ model job at the time of the period
Madhav Shrimohan
When do not know how? Remember this little bit. There are two sisters, Mary. But since childhood I have been away from home, so there is no attachment between our common brother and sister.

For this reason, the sisters did not know from the side. Although going to be 13 or 14 when I came home from the hostel, my sisters were blaming some excitement with our cousin.

Talk to me about girls. Yet, listening to whisper with a little overwhelming listening and listening to whisper.

After this, talking to friends, underprivileged information, women-friendly magazines. I am a little intravert and I am not even a friend who can openly ask.

Even today, whatever is known, there may be something wrong in it, that is how it is going slowly. This is what happens in small cities.

Menopause at the age of 24, sex scary for me ‘

Words like freedom are part of my life but ..
Animesh Mukherjee
I did not understand why women of my family suddenly refused to pick pickle. Or do not even go to Durga Puja.

In the ninth, all this was part of the course but the teacher did not teach anything, saying that it is not important. 12th was a student of biology and by then there had been some ‘big’ friends.

This time Saxena Sir taught, but in so many scientific terms that he could kill Ratta but could not understand.

These big friends who had half-incomplete knowledge told that there is something funny about these girls. During this time, sex should not be done because the girls get pregnant.

Meanwhile, friendship with a boy deepened, whose medical store was. Initially, it seemed strange how he sells packets to girls or tells Dad that the stock of Deluxe and Whisper is over. But it showed that this is not a biological process.

After this there was a girlfriand. Along with that, things like mood swing and pain were detected. Although he considered all superstitions scientific.

The most important thing is that the information related to it was found in more than 10 years, one day could be explained in class.

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