#first Period: ‘I thought I had become a victim of some major disease’

_96762382_carmelschoolchakradharpurblockwestsinghbhum.girlsreturningtotheirhostelaftertrainingprogramHow does it feel when a child of 10-12 years sees blood stains on their frock? How much do you understand about it?

To understand this, we asked women to share their first menstruation i.e. the #pehlaperiod experience.

The girls from far-flung areas of Jharkhand are sharing their experiences in today’s installment.

The grandmother said, the mother has touched the crow

#PehlaPeriod: ‘The sketch from the bag reached the hiding house’
Priyanka Sharma
Victim of big disease
Priyanka Sharma, Village- Mohitpur, Block-SaraiKeela, District-SaraiKeela-Kharswa, Jharkhand

My monthly started at the age of twelve. Seeing blood blew my heart. I thought I was a victim of some major disease.

On asking the mother, they asked to use cloth while giving this information.

Washing clothes was forbidden to dry out, because it was told that if the birds were seen on dry cloth, then there was fear of being infertile.

From this fear, I used to keep the clothes hidden in the room. The clothes changed twice in a day.

Apply only when the month has happened …

‘My sister tells Periods good days’
Surjo Martti Soy
Have grown up …
Surjo Martti Soy, Village- Janumbeda, Block-Kharswa, District-Sarraikek-Kharswa, Jharkhand

I had listened to friends about menstruation but not the right information. When the cloth was dirty in the evening, my sister-in-law at home said that you have grown up now.

They gave me information about how to live in those days.

#PehlaPeriod: Son’s hands, girls ‘diapers’

#PehlaPeriod: ‘When told to Papa, he went to zip’
Teen girls meeting in Anandpur village of West Singhbhum
Forbidden plantation …
Salomie Boepi, Village- Murahatu Bisai, Block-Chakradharpur, District- West Singhbhum.

For the first time at the age of 11, when there was a menstruation, there was no one to give the right information. Nor are my parents and I did not even go to school.

I started using the clothes by asking my aunt. The used clothes were kept hidden in the corner of the house.

It was also forbidden to go to garden in the days of menstruation.

‘It is not easy to work with the people of the village to remove the veil’

‘Hyundai Lei’ model job at the time of the period
Explaining the hygiene associated with menstruation, the sister ji in Gombardi village of West Singhbhum
Menstruation started …
Rutu Hessa, Village-Utuatua, District- West Singhbhum, Jharkhand.

Twelve years of age started menstruation. My friends gave full information about it.

At the same time it was also told that there is no discussion with anyone about it, not even from mother.

In those days, talking to each other was forbidden. Gradually friends received information from home.

Women’s Menstruation: How Long Will Suffer Continue?

The days of suicide began to arrive
Darshan works for the Integrated Public Development Center, Jamshedpur
Fear of drying clothes …

Darshan, Integrated Public Development Center, Jamshedpur

In the remote rural areas, it has been observed that girls do not bathe for a week during menstruation. They have been told that more blood bleeds than bath.

They never wash clothes and dry in the sun. They feel that after drying out the clothes, the members of the house will know about it.

Some girls from this village told that they were afraid of drying clothes and spent time wearing two underpants in menstruation.

They are afraid of the fact that the men in the house can find out about this by drying out the clothes.

Some girls use towels instead of using clothes. Because of which they have a lot of difficulty in running.

Since using towels by turning them into work the same day, they wash the towel during the bath.

He thinks that it can not be reported to anyone

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